Full listing of all department members

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Name Job title Research area Role Research interests
Ahmad Abassi Algebra, Geometry/Topology Graduate Student
Nilin Abrahamsen Simons Fellow Applied Mathematics Faculty, Postdoc

Quantum many-body problems, computational quantum chemistry

John W. Addison Jr. Professor Emeritus Mathematical Logic Emeritus Faculty, Senate Faculty

Theory of definability, Descriptive set theory, Model theory, Recursive function theory

Mostafa Adnane Graduate Student
Mina Aganagic Professor Geometry/Topology, Applied Mathematics Senate Faculty

String theory, mathematical physics

Ian Agol Professor Geometry/Topology Senate Faculty

Low-dimensional topology

Raha Ahmadianhosseini Graduate Student
David Aldous Professor Emeritus Probability, Applied Mathematics Emeritus Faculty, Senate Faculty

Theoretical and applied probability

Yulia Alexandr Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Probability Graduate Student
Robert M. Anderson Professor Emeritus Applied Mathematics Emeritus Faculty, Senate Faculty

Mathematical economics, Nonstandard analysis, Probability theory

Ovidiu-Neculai Avadanei Graduate Student

Partial Differential Equations

Chan Bae Graduate Student
Esme Bajo Graduate Student
Richard Bamler Associate Professor Geometry/Topology Officer, Vice-Chair for Undergraduate Affairs, Senate Faculty

Geometric analysis, differential geometry, topology

Hélène Barcelo Research Associate Algebra, Geometry/Topology Faculty

Algebraic combinatorics, discrete homotopy and homology theory

Ansuman Bardalai Algebra, Geometry/Topology Graduate Student

Representation theory, algebraic number theory, mathematical physics

Owen F. Barrett Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor Algebra Faculty

Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, ℓ-adic cohomology, local acyclicity, singular support

Khalilah Beal Unit 18 Lecturer Mathematical Analysis, Probability Faculty

Partial Differential Equations, Stochastic Processes

Gabriel Beiner Geometry/Topology Graduate Student
Diego Andres Bejarano Rayo Mathematical Logic Graduate Student