Tutor Referral List

Tutor Referral List

Below is a list of Berkeley Mathematics undergraduate, graduate, and alumni available for private tutoring in math at all levels, from elementary through college level courses (undergraduate and graduate). Fees are arranged directly between the tutor and tutee. Please note that these tutors have not been recruited or endorsed by the Math Department - this list is solely meant to serve as a resource of tutoring options to explore.


If you are a current undergraduate looking for private tutoring, another way to find a tutor is to ask your instructor or GSI for a referral. Please note, that GSIs cannot serve as private tutors for students enrolled in their course. 

In addition to these individual tutors, some groups on campus that provide tutoring are: the Student Learning Center, the Student Honors Society xe [at] ce [dot] berkeley [dot] edu (Chi Epsilon), the Engineering Honors Society, Tau Beta Pi, and Academic Services.

Students who would like additional support developing their learning skills such as building good study habits, managing procrastination,  effective note and test-taking etc. should take advantag of the Student Learning Center's Strategic Learning Program




Graduate Student Tutors
Name Subject E-Mail or URL
Adnane, Mostafa College Level, Lower and Upper Division Only madnane [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Berlow, Katalin All Levels, including special projects. katalin [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Burka, Alex All Levels burka [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Dhillon, Adam All Levels adamdhillon [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Oltman, Izak All Levels (especially calculus and linear algebra) -- currently only on zoom ioltman [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Pratt, Lizzie All Levels epratt [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Rosevear, Audrey All Levels, except grad arosevear [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Stahl, Joe all subject levels (especially calculus and linear algebra) josephmichaelstahl [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Zubkov, Maksym all levels mzubkov [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Undergraduate Student Tutors
Name Subject E-Mail or URL
Armour-Garb, Zev Lower Division UG courses zevag [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Shah, Amar all levels amarshah1000 [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Other Private Tutors (Alumni)
Name Subject E-Mail or URL
Degany, Yael all levels, including special projects. Zoom only, for now yael [dot] degany [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Eisman, Jerry all levels geisman [at] sfsu [dot] edu or 510-393-0950
Manber, Shelly Discrete Math (Math 55), Abstract Algebra (Math 113), or all levels shellym [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Martinez, Maria Calculus, Linear Algebra, or all levels martinez [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Mack-Crane, Sander all levels (especially calculus and linear algebra) sander [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Nagasawa-Hinck, Ally
Elem, MS, HS, Undergrad avnh1023 [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Villafranca, Anthony all levels (especially calculus) villafranca [dot] anthony3 [at] gmail [dot] com

Elem = Elementary
MS = Middle School
HS = High School
Lower Division = Courses 0-99
Upper Division = Courses 100-199
Undergrad = Courses 0-199
Grad = Courses 200-299