Calendar of Events

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Math 290 Seminars - Fall 2021

CCN# Faculty Day Time Room Title
15415 (1)Corteel, S; Vindas Meléndez, AM12:00--1:00 PM939Combinatorics research seminar
15411 (2)Agol, ITu11:00 AM--12:30 PM9393-manifold seminar
15412 (3)Lott, JM3:00--4:00 PM891Differential Geometry seminar
15413 (4)Voiculescu, DM10:00 AM--12:00 PM736Probabilistic Operator Algebra Seminar
15414 (5)Oh, SM4:00--5:30 PM740Analysis and PDE Seminar
15404 (6)Sun, SF1:00--3:00 PM939Reading seminar in complex geometry
15405 (7)Slaman, TTu10:00 AM--12:00 PM939Recursion Theory
15406 (8)Montalban, ATu10:00 AM--12:00 PM939Computability Theory Seminar
15407 (9)Whitman, RW2:00--3:00 PM740Combinatorial Species Reading Seminar
15408 (10)Eisenbud, DTu1:00--2:30 PM891Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
15409 (11)Scanlon, TTuTh2:00--3:00 PM736Geometric Stability Theory
15410 (12)Scanlon, TTh11:00 AM--12:00 PM736Geometric Stability Theory
15390 (13)Scanlon, TW2:00--3:00 PM891Model Theory
15391 (14)Nadler, DTu2:00--3:30 PM732Geometric Representation Theory
15392 (15)Lin, LF10:00 AM--12:00 PM891Quantum many body seminar
15393 (16)Olsson, MF4:00--5:00 PM891Student Arithmetic Geometry Seminar
15394 (17)Olsson, M; Shin, SM3:00--5:00 PM748RTG Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar
15395 (18)Shin, SW3:30--5:00 PM939Number Theory Seminar
15397 (19)Tataru, DF5:00--7:00 PMOnlineWater waves
15398 (20)Tataru, DTu5:00--6:30 PM740Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations Seminar
15399 (21)Rezakhanlou, FF2:00--3:30 PM891Student Seminar in PDE and Probability
15400 (22)Shin, STu1:00--2:00 PM939Student Number Theory Seminar
15401 (23)Wehrheim, KMWF9:00--10:00 AM748/732Rehumanizing Mathematics Pedagogy
15402 (24)Aganagic, M; Danilenko, I; Koroteev, P; Rapcak, MM2:00--3:00 PMPhysics South 402Berkeley String-Math Seminar
15403 (25)Miller, NW4:00--5:00 PM748Topology Seminar
15382 (26)Hutchings, MF4:00--5:00 PM939Contact and symplectic geometry
15383 (27)Oh, SW1:10--2:00 PMOnlinePDE learning seminar
15384 (28)Canic, S; Lin, L; Persson, PW4:00--5:00 PMOnlineApplied Mathematics seminar