Calendar of Events

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Math 290 Seminars - Fall 2020

CCN# Faculty Day Time Room Title
15472 (1) Olsson, M F 4:00-5:00PM Online Student Arithmetic Geometry Seminar
15468 (2) Simon, P F 10:30-Noon Online Model Theory Seminar
15469 (3) Ribet, Ken Th 4:00-5:00PM Online Department Colloquium
15470 (4) Corteel, S M Noon-1:00PM Online Research Seminar in Combinatorics
15471 (5) Corteel, S Th 11:00-Noon Online Reading Seminar in Combinatorics
15461 (6) Hutchings, M W 9:00-10:00AM Online Symplectic and Contact Geometry
15462 (7) Bamler, R M variable times Online Differential Geometry Seminar
15463 (8) Rezakhanlou,, F F 2:00-3:30PM Online Probability/PDE Student Seminar
15464(9) Vaintrob, D Th 10:00-11:30AM Online Learning Seminar on QFT
15465(10) Montalban/Slaman W Noon-1:00PM Online Recursion Theory Seminar
15466(11) Eisenbud, D T 4:00-5:00PM Online Commutative Algebra/Algebraic Geometry
15467 (12) Eisenbud, D Th 1:30-3:00PM Online Fellowship of The Ring
15447(13) Tataru, D Tu 3:30-5:00PM Online Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations Student Seminar (HADES)
15448(14) Nadler, D F 1:00-2:30PM Online Geometric Representation Theory
15449(15) Sun, S TBD TBD Online A Student Reading Seminar On Complex Analytic Geometry
15450(16) Aganagic, S M 1:00-2:30PM Online A String-Math Seminar
15451(17) Canic, Lin, Persson W 4:00-5:00PM Online Applied Mathematics Seminar
15452(18) Voiculescu, D M

10:00-11:00AM usually
(sometimes 2:00-3:00PM or 3:00-4:00PM)

Online Probabilistic Operator Algebra Seminar
15455(20) Teleman, C F 3:00-4:30PM Online Fusion Categories And Low-Dimensional TQFT
15456(21) Olsson, M M 3:00-5:00PM Online RTG Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar
15457(22) Shin, S W 3:30-5:00PM Online Number Theory Learning Seminar
15458(23) Ganguly, S W 3:00-4:00PM Online Probability Seminar (by Statistics Department)
15459(24) Agol, I F 2:00-3:00PM Online 3-Manifold Seminar
15460(25) Tataru, D F 4:00-6:00PM Online Water Waves
15439(26) Oh, S W 4:00-5:00PM Online Learning seminar in PDE: wave packets in nonlinear dispersive PDEs