Calendar of Events

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Math 290 Seminars - Spring 2021

CCN# Faculty Day Time Room Title
15951 (1)Voiculescu, DM10:00 AM--12:00 PMOnlineProbabilistic Operator Algebra Seminar
15952 (2) Sun, SM3:00--4:00 PMOnlineDifferential Geometry Seminar
15953 (3)Wehrheim, KM1:30--2:30 PMOnlineCollective learning space on "teaching in the age of Zoom and BLM
15954 (4)Ryba, CM12:00--1:00 PMOnlineCombinatorics Seminar
15955 (5)Simon, PF10:30 AM--12:00 PMOnlineModel theory
15956 (6) Sun, SF3:30--5:30 PMOnlineStudent seminar on complex differential geometry”
15957 (7)Corteel, SW2:00--3:00 PMOnlineEhrhart theory
15958 (8)Corteel, SM12:00--1:00 PMOnlineCombinatorics research seminar
15959 (9)Hutchings, MM10:00--11:00 AMOnlineSymplectic and contact geometry
15960(10)Srivastava, NF10:40 AM--12:00 PMOnlineStudent Discrete Analysis Seminar
15961(11)Hammond, AW2:00--3:00 PMOnlineStudent probability seminar
15962 (12)Rezakhanlou, FF2:00--3:30 PMOnlineStudent Probability/PDE Seminar
15963 (13)Eisenbud, DM4:00--5:00 PMOnlineCommutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
15964 (14)Gu, MF4:30--5:30 PMOnlineGraduate Research Seminar on Scientific Computing
15965 (15)Olsson, MM3:00--5:00 PMOnlineRTG Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar
15966 (16)Shin, SW3:30--5:00 PMOnlineNumber Theory Learning Seminar
15967 (17) Olsson, MF4:10--5:00 PMOnlineStudent Arithmetic Geometry Seminar
15968 (18)Tataru, DF2:00--4:00 PMOnlineWater Waves
15969 (19)Shin, STBDTBDOnlineStudent number theory seminar
15970 (20)Lin, LinF10:00 AM--12:00 PMOnlineQuantum many body semianr
15971 (21)Nadler, DF1:00--2:30 PMOnlineGeometric Representation Theory
15972 (22)Tataru, D; Oh, ST3:30--5:00 PMOnlineHarmonic Analysis and Differential equations
15973(23)Teleman, C T1:00--2:30 PMOnlineCohomology operations and formal groups
15974(24)Slaman, TF1:00--2:00 PMOnlineRecursion Theory
15975(25)Agol, IW1:00--2:30 PMOnline3-manifold seminar