Research in Algebra

Including number theory, algebraic geometry, and combinatorics

We have large groups of researchers active in number theory and algebraic geometry, as well as many individuals who work in other areas of algebra: groups, noncommutative rings, Lie algebras and Lie super-algebras, representation theory, combinatorics, game theory, and coding. A number of members of the algebra group belong to the Research Training Group in Representation Theory, Geometry and Combinatorics, which runs activities and supports grad students and postdocs in its areas of interest.


Undergraduate upper division courses

Math 110 (and honors version, Math H110). Linear algebra.
Math 113 (and honors version, Math H113). Introduction to abstract algebra.
Math 114. Second course in abstract algebra. (Instructor's choice; usually Galois Theory)
Math 115. Introduction to number theory.
Math 116. Cryptography.
Math 143. Elementary algebraic geometry.
Math 172. Combinatorics.

The Mathematics Department also offers, at the undergraduate level, courses which may include algebraic topics along with others: Problem Solving (H90), Experimental Courses (191), a Special Topics course (195), and several courses of directed and independent individual and group work (196-199).

Graduate courses

Math 245A. General theory of algebraic structures.
Math 249. Algebraic combinatorics.
Math 250A. Groups, rings and fields.
Math 250B. Multilinear algebra and further topics.
Math 251. Ring theory.
Math 252. Representation theory.
Math 253. Homological algebra.
Math 254A-254B. Number theory.
Math 255. Algebraic curves.
Math 256A-256B. Algebraic geometry.
Math 257. Group theory.



Math 290. Seminar - Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, David Eisenbud
Math 290. Seminar - Number theory, Kenneth Ribet

Spring 2009

Math 274. Topics in Algebra - Tropical geometry, Bernd Sturmfels
Math 274. Topics in Algebra - Infinitesimal geometry, Mariusz Wodzicki

Fall 2008

Math 290. Seminar - Algebraic geometry, David Eisenbud and Daniel Erman
Math 290. Seminar - Discrete mathematics, Bernd Sturmfels
Math 290. Seminar - Representation theory, geometry and combinatorics, Mark Haiman and Nicolai Reshetikhin
Math 290. Seminar - Student arithmetic geometry seminar, Martin Olsson
Student Seminar. Student algebraic and arithmetic geometry seminar, David Brown, Daniel Erman and Anthony Varilly


Math 270. Hot Topics - Derived algebraic geometry and topology, Peter Teichner
Math 290. Seminar - Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, David Eisenbud
Math 290. Seminar - Representation theory, geometry and combinatorics, Mark Haiman and Nicolai Reshetikhin

Spring 2008

Math 274. Topics in Algebra - Real p-adic analysis, Robert Coleman

Fall 2007

Math 274. Topics in Algebra - Locally finite lie algebras and their representations with a view toward open problems, Ivan Penkov
Math 290. Seminar - Student representation theory, geometry and combinatorics, Vera Serganova and Peter Tingley
Math 290. Seminar - Number theory, Kenneth Ribet
Math 290. Seminar - Perverse sheaves, Joel Kamnitzer and Xinwen Zhu

Earlier years, from 2006-2007


Senate Faculty

Name Title Research Interests
George M. Bergman Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School Associative rings, Universal algebra and category theory, Counterexamples
Richard E. Borcherds Professor Lie algebras, Vertex algebras, Automorphic forms
Sylvie Corteel Professor Combinatorics
David Eisenbud Professor Algebraic geometry, Commutative algebra, Computation
Edward Frenkel Professor Representation theory, Integrable systems, Mathematical physics
Mark D. Haiman Professor Algebra, combinatorics, and algebraic geometry
Robin C. Hartshorne Professor Emeritus Algebraic geometry, History of geometry
Tsit-Yuen Lam (林節玄) Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School Algebra
Hendrik W. Lenstra, Jr. Professor Emeritus Algebraic number theory, Algorithms
David Nadler Professor Geometric representation theory, symplectic geometry
Andrew P. Ogg Professor Emeritus Number theory, Elliptic curves, Modular forms
Arthur E. Ogus Professor Emeritus Algebraic geometry
Martin Olsson Professor Algebraic and arithmetic geometry
Nicolai Reshetikhin Professor Mathematical physics, Low-dimensional topology, Representation theory
John L. Rhodes Professor Emeritus Algebra, Semigroups, Automata
Kenneth A. Ribet Professor Algebraic number theory, Algebraic Geometry
Vera Serganova Professor Super-representation theory
Vivek Shende Assistant Professor Geometry
Sug Woo Shin Associate Professor Number theory, automorphic forms
Zvezdelina Stankova Teaching Professor & Director, Berkeley Math Circle Algebraic geometry, representation theory, combinatorics, Olympiad problem solving, Berkeley Math Circle
Bernd Sturmfels Professor Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Optimization and Statistics
Constantin Teleman Professor Lie groups, Algebraic geometry, Topology, Quantum field theory
Paul A. Vojta Professor Diophantine approximation, Nevanlinna theory (especially as related to diophantine approximation), Arakelov theory
Mariusz Wodzicki Professor Non-commutative and algebraic geometry, Analysis, K-theory
Melanie Matchett Wood Professor Number theory
Xinyi Yuan Associate Professor Number theory

Visiting Faculty

Name Title Research Interests
Hélène Barcelo Visiting Scholar Algebraic combinatorics, discrete homotopy and homology theory
Emiliano Gómez Lecturer Number theory, Galois representation
Joshua Evan Greene Simons Fellow and Visiting Fellow Geometric topology, combinatorics
Peter Koroteev Lecturer Representation theory, integrable systems, string theory
Jeremy Lovejoy Lecturer Number theory and combinatorics
Alexander Paulin Lecturer Number theory, p-adic automorphic forms
Arun Sharma Lecturer Combinatorics, Ramsey theory, error-correcting codes
Kelli Talaska Lecturer Algebraic combinatorics
Philip Matchett Wood Lecturer Probability theory, combinatorics


Name Title Research Interests
Semeon Artamonov Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor Representation theory, topological quantum field theory, noncommutative geometry
Daniel Bragg RTG Post-doctoral Scholar Algebraic geometry, positive characteristic
Juliette Emmy Bruce NSF Postdoctoral Scholar Algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, arithmetic geometry
David Corwin RTG Post-doctoral Scholar Arithmetic geometry, arithmetic topology
Ivan Danilenko Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor Algebraic geometry, representation theory, mathematical physics.
Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins RTG Post-doctoral Scholar Arithmetic geometry, p-adic geometry, mathematical illustration, 3D printing
Sebastian Eterović RTG Post-doctoral Scholar Arithmetic geometry, model theory
Christopher Ryba Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor Representation theory, algebraic combinatorics.
Koji Shimizu Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor Number theory and algebraic geometry
Martin Speirs Postdoc Topological Hochschild homology, algebraic K-theory
Dmitry Vaintrob Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor Algebraic geometry, mirror symmetry, topology, applications of topological methods to algebraic geometry

Faculty with Related Research Interests

Name Title Research Interests
Olga Holtz Professor Numerical analysis, matrix theory, algebra and combinatorics, computational complexity
Ralph McKenzie Professor Emeritus General algebra, Logic
Calvin C. Moore Professor Emeritus Representations and actions of topological groups, Operator algebras
Marc A. Rieffel Professor Non-commutative harmonic analysis, Operator algebras, Quantum geometry
Thomas Scanlon Professor Model theory and applications to number theory

Recent Ph.D.s

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Supervisor Year
Alexander Carney The arithmetic Hodge-index theorem and rigidity of algebraic dynamical systems over function fields Xinyi Yuan 2019
Benjamin Gammage Microlocal sheaves and mirror symmetry David Nadler 2019
Felix Gotti Matroids and convex geometry in combinatorics and algebra Lauren Williams 2019
Christopher R Miller On the k-Schur Positivity of k-Bandwidth LLT Polynomials 2019
Minseon Shin Computations of the cohomological Brauer group of some algebraic stacks Martin Olsson 2019
Dylan Yott Special Cycles on GSpin Shimura Varieties Xinyi Yuan 2019
Shishir Agrawal Deformations of overconvergent isocrystals on the projective line   David Nadler 2018
Harrison Chen A Localization Theorem for Derived Loop Spaces and Periodic Cyclic Homology   David Nadler 2018
Justin Chen On Betti Tables, Monomial Ideals, and Unit Groups   David Eisenbud 2018
Bryan Gillespie The Generalized External Order, and Applications to Zonotopal Algebra   Olga Holtz 2018
Watson Ladd Algebraic Modular Forms on SO5(Q) and the Computation of Paramodular Forms   Ken Ribet 2018
Daniel Lowengrub Applications of the Intersection Theory of Singular Varieties   Vivek Shende 2018
Shelly Manber Asymptotics of the Tate-Shafarevich Group   Xinyi Yuan 2018
Tao Su A Hodge-theoretic study of augmentation varieties associated to Legendrian knots/tangles   Vivek Shende, Richard E.Borcherds 2018
Brandon Williams Computing modular forms for the Weil representation   Richard Borcherds 2018
Anastasia Chavez Posets, Polytopes, and Positroids Lauren Williams, Federico Ardila 2017
Joe Kileel Algebraic Geometry for Computer Vision Bernd Sturmfels 2017
Bo Lin Combinatorics and Computations in Tropical Mathematics Bernd Sturmfels 2017
Emmanuel Tsukerman Combinatorial Analysis of Continuous Problems Lauren Williams, Bernd Sturmfels 2017
Qiao Zhou (Elaine) Applications of Toric Geometry to Geometric Representation Theory David Nadler 2017
Chang-Yeon Cho Topological types of Algebraic stacks 2016
Maria Monks Gillespie A combinatorial approach to the q,t-symmetry in Macdonald polynomials Mark Haiman 2016
Will Johnson Fun with Fields 2016
Olya Mandelshtam Combinatorics of the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process Lauren Williams 2016
Alexander Shapiro Grothendieck resolution, affine Grassmannian, and Yangian 2016
Piotr Achinger Arthur E. Ogus 2015
Natth Bejraburnin Lior Pachter 2015
Katrina Honigs Martin Olsson 2015
Adam Kalman Lauren Williams 2015
Eric C. Peterson Constantin Teleman 2015
Zvi Rosen 2015
George W. Melvin Constantin Teleman