Anonymous Feedback

Department of Mathematics, Anonymous Feedback Form

If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the climate in the Department of Mathematics, and especially the department's practices for promoting diversity and equity, and preventing harassment, please submit them here. Comments are anonymous by default unless you volunteer to include your name/contact information.

Your feedback is instrumental in providing department leaders a clearer picture of the opportunities and challenges that may exist within our department. Responses to this form will be reviewed within one business day by the department's Feedback Review Committee to determine the appropriate response and plan of action. The Feedback Review Committee consists of the Department's Equity Advisor, the Department Manager, a member of the Staff DEIBA+ committee, and the members of the department's IT team (who are tasked with maintaining the intake form and database). 

Action taken by the Feedback Review Committee in response to a submission may include, but is not limited to: providing a department-wide response via email to frequently asked questions; scheduling a departmental meeting to discuss questions raised; updating departmental process or practices in response to feedback received; and coordinating with campus resources for additional support or guidance. When appropriate, a redacted summary of the submissions received will be presented to the Department Chair for review. 

Please note that we do not intend this feedback form to be used to report specific incidents of sexual harassment/sexual violence; however, if such reports are made via the feedback form, we will share them with the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD). In the event of a specific incident of sexual harassment/sexual violence, we strongly encourage anyone who is a survivor or knows someone who is a survivor of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment to contact PATH to Care, a confidential resource, or the Urgent SVSH Support Care Line (510) 643-2005. PATH to Care advocates can provide support, guidance, and advice on reporting options. If a survivor wishes to report, PATH to Care can assist in identifying the best reporting agency, and can provide accompaniment during a report. Survivors who wish to report can contact the police (Berkeley UCPD or a local law enforcement agency) or the OPHD.

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