Campus Student Support Resources

Students talking, walking around campus, and workingOne of the benefits of being enrolled at a large university is the wide range of campus resources available to students. In many respects, UC Berkeley has been a leader when it comes to creating new programming to support the unique needs of varying student populations, including the establishment of the Undocumented Students Program, the Student Parent Center, the PATH to Care Center, and the UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security Hub. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the wealth of campus resources available to them during their academic careers. 

Below is a list of resources including mental health & wellness, gender equity & sexual violence/harassment, graduate student instructor (GSI) & graduate student mentor (GSM), conflict resolution, academic support & mentoring, legal intellectual property & tax services, basic needs security, graduate student organizations & centers, campus safety, and campus units resources.

Mental Health & Wellness

University Health Services (UHS) Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Drop-in Counseling • Urgent Concerns • Short-term Counseling • After Hours Assistance (855) 817-5667 • Satellite Offices • Referral Services • Support Groups • Prevention, education, and outreach

CAPS offers short-term counseling for academic, career, and personal issues. There is no charge to get started, and all registered students can access services regardless of their insurance plan.

Community Crises/Suicide Prevention Hotlines

List of local crisis/suicide prevention hotlines

Social Services Counseling

Alcohol and Substance Dependencies • Chronic Medical Condition or New Diagnosis • Eating Disorder and Body Image • Nutrition • Pregnancy Resources and Referrals • Relationship Violence, Stalking, Other Violence • Sexual Health • Sexual Violence • Gender Identity Counseling

The Social Services Counseling Unit provides compassionate, specialty, confidential counseling services. Counseling services are topic specific and aim to help students strengthen coping skills, problem solve, and identify resources. Social Services is open to all registered UC Berkeley students regardless of insurance plan.

University Health Services (UHS)/Tang Center

Medical Assistance • Pharmacy • Counseling and Social Services • Insurance • Health Promotion

UHS, Tang Center provides comprehensive medical, mental health, insurance, and health promotion services to all UC Berkeley students and a variety of health programs for faculty and staff. UHS also provides services to staff at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Campus Visiting Scholars, Postdocs, and spouses/domestic partners of UC Berkeley students may also use UHS on a fee-for-service basis. Services are designed to minimize the impact of illness, emotional distress, and injury on studies and work. Coupled with health promotion and public health programs, UHS reaches all segments of the UC Berkeley campus community.

Gender Equity & Sexual Violence and Harassment

PATH to Care Center

Confidential Advocates • Resources for victims/survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking or harassment • Emotional Support • Housing • Medical • Safety Planning • Legal

The PATH to Care Center provides affirming, empowering, and confidential support for survivors and those who have experienced gendered violence including sexual harassment, dating and intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual exploitation. Confidential advocates bring a non-judgmental, caring approach to exploring all options, rights, and resources.

UC Berkeley Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination (OPHD or Title IX Office)

UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment • File Report • Title IX Rights

OPHD is responsible for ensuring the university provides an environment for faculty, staff, and students that is free from discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence. OPHD takes reports alleging discrimination and harassment based on categories including race, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation/identity, including allegations of sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq)

Women's Resources* • LGBTQ+ Resources • Sexual & Dating Violence Resources • Men's Resources

GenEq is a UC Berkeley campus community center committed to fostering an inclusive experience for all. GenEq is the campus location where students, faculty, staff, and alumni connect for resources, services, education and leadership programs related to gender and sexuality.

*GenEq welcomes all who experience life through the lens of woman in body, spirit, and identity - past, present, future, and fluid.

Resources for Supporting Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) and Graduate Student Mentors (GSMs)

Center for Support and Intervention - Students of Concern Committee (SOCC) - Division of Student Affairs

SOCC provides a centralized place for various campus departments to come together and communicate relevant information, coordinate institutional response, and consult about students of concern. Students are referred to Student Affairs Case Management when they are exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical, and emotional well-being; select cases are then brought to SOCC, when appropriate.

GSI Teaching and Resource Center

Workshops • Conferences • Teacher Preparation • Teaching Resources

The GSI & Resource Center is an academic unit of the Graduate Division that prepares graduate students for teaching undergraduates at UC Berkeley and for the teaching they will do in future academic and non-academic careers.

Other Resources

Conflict Resolution

Ombuds Office for Students & Postdocs

Advocates • Neutral Party • Confidential • Facilitation • Conflict Resolution with Peers/Faculty • Education

The mission of the Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees is to provide an informal dispute resolution process in which the Ombudsperson advocates for fairness, justice, respect for differences, and reasonable solutions to students' issues and concerns. The Ombuds Office also serves as an alert mechanism for systemic change on campus. An Ombudsperson or Ombuds, from the term Ombudsman, is a confidential*, impartial, independent, and informal resource within organizations and corporations, designated to assist the community in managing and resolving conflicts and other types of organizational concerns.

*Conversations are confidential unless there appears to be an imminent risk of harm or danger.

Legal, Intellectual Property & Tax Services

Student Legal Services

The Attorney for Students advises currently registered UC Berkeley students regarding their legal questions, rights, and obligations. A student legal consultation might include (but is not limited to) one of the following examples: a landlord-tenant dispute, a citation for a criminal infraction or misdemeanor, filing an action in California Small Claims Court, questions related to credit card debt and/or collection actions, issues arising from a car accident or auto insurance, or questions about family law.

Please note that Student Legal Services provides counsel and guidance only, and does not represent or advocate for individual students regarding their potential legal claims or disputes.

ASUC Renters' Legal Assistance (RLA)

Rental Agreements • Landlord disputes • Evictions • Subletting • Repairs • Privacy Security

RLA is an undergraduate student organization at UC Berkeley that provides information to the community regarding rental issues. If you have a problem with your landlord, your lease, or anything concerning your rights as a renter, RLA is here to help! Around 20 student interns have been carefully trained in California rent law to help you out.

RLA's area of specialty is the city of Berkeley, but they are also familiar with rent laws of nearby cities (e.g. Oakland, Emeryville, San Francisco) as well as of the state of California as a whole.

ASUC Student Legal Clinic (Tax Advice)

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance • Know Your Rights

Founded in 1983, the ASUC Student Legal Clinic was established to help educate the Berkeley community about available legal options. Today, the clinic continues with this tradition. Clients can drop by their office Monday through Friday to obtain legal assistance from their dedicated interns who provide clientele with fully researched case reports — outlining possible legal options and any other pertinent information. With their new VITA program, clients who need tax assistance can now schedule an appointment online and be aided by their trained staff with how to file tax returns.

Berkeley International Office (BIO) - Tax Reporting Requirements for International Students (Overview & Resources)

Berkeley Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA)

Berkeley Startups • FAQs • Assistance with IP Questions

IPIRA was created in 2004 to enhance the research enterprise of the UC Berkeley campus by establishing and maintaining multifaceted relationships between Berkeley researchers and private companies. These relationships include sponsored research collaborations and intellectual property commercialization. IPIRA reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research and consists of two peer divisions: the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), and the Industry Alliances Office (IAO). IPIRA helps researchers seek industry research partnerships, conduct industry-sponsored research, request and transfer materials, apply for SBIR/STTR funds and grants, protect intellectual property rights, commercialize technologies, and start companies. IPIRA serves as a common liaison for companies when interfacing with Berkeley researchers, resources, and technologies. IPIRA supports companies who wish to sponsor research, join industry affiliate programs, enter into a SBIR/STTR agreement, or license technologies from UC Berkeley. IPIRA can also assist companies who desire to support research through gift funding.

Basic Needs Security

UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security

UCB Food Pantry • Food Assistance Program • CalFresh Clinics • Housing Security • Financial Security • Crisis Resolution • Mental & Emotional Wellness • Safety • Accessibility

Basic Needs Security refers to the food, housing, and wellness security of our community. We understand that basic needs have a direct impact on the mental/emotional/physical health, wellness, academic performance, professional development, and holistic success of our students. The quality of life of our students has a major impact on their sense of belonging, persistence, graduation, and overall experience. Therefore, we refuse to accept hunger, malnourishment, and homelessness as part of our university. UC Berkeley's Basic Needs Security Committee is fully dedicated to leading the transformation of UC Berkeley into an institution of higher education where its students’ basic needs are secure.

Graduate Student Organizations & Centers

Graduate Assembly

Funding for Conference Travel, Student Publications, Student Groups and Events • Social Club • Graduate Minority Student Project • Graduate Student Parent Advocacy • Wellness • Queer and Transgender Advocacy • Housing Guide • Taxes • etc.

The Graduate Assembly is the official representative body of the graduate and professional students at UC Berkeley. The fundamental principles of the Graduate Assembly are the promotion of a vibrant student social life, inclusiveness, activism, community service, educational improvement, and professional development. In service to these principles the Graduate Assembly advocates for students, funds student groups on campus, and directly manages a variety of projects.

Student Parent Center

Resources • Dedicated Space for Parents • Counseling • Degree Completion Program

The Student Parent Center is committed to the holistic support and success of a highly motivated population of undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged scholars, as well as devoted parents at UC Berkeley. The center is a centralized multi-purpose campus resource, where students can seek informed advice, develop leadership skills, engage in informal study groups, nurse babies, change diapers, celebrate achievements, recover from setbacks, and form lasting friendships. At every level of educational achievement, from high school through Ph.D. programs, becoming a parent can pre-empt or preclude educational opportunities. Sustained efforts over the past 25 years have resulted in the development of UC Berkeley’s student parent model.

Graduate Division - Support for Student Parents

The Graduate Division's resource website for student parents. Includes links to student parent policies, information on parent grants, childbirth accommodation and more.

Cal Veterans Service Center

Academic, Financial Aid, Personal Counseling • GI Bill Counseling • Community Room • Peer Advising • Drop-in Counseling

The Cal Veteran Services Center is dedicated to providing programs and services to support the academic and personal success of student veterans. As a supportive and inclusive community, we are committed to increasing student veteran access to and their awareness of campus resources and enrichment opportunities. The center also promotes campus and community engagement and leadership development that help develop students' academic and professional goals.

Undocumented Student Program (USP)

Resource Center • Legal Support • Grants & Funding

UC Berkeley's Undocumented Student Program (USP) delivers individualized service for each student with a holistic, multicultural, and solution-focused approach. The academic counseling, legal support, financial aid resources, and extensive campus referral network provided by USP helps students develop the unique gifts and talents they each bring to the university, while empowering a sense of belonging. The program’s mission is to support the advancement of undocumented students within higher education and promote pathways for engaged scholarship.

Campus Safety

UC Police Department (UCPD)

In an Emergency Call 911 • Non-Emergency Line (510) 642-6760 • UCPD Emergency from a cell phone or near campus (510) 642-3333 • Blue Light Emergency Phones on Campus • Yellow Emergency Phones near all elevators in Evans Hall

Through collaboration with community partners UCPD strives to provide the highest level of service to all who attend, work and visit the UC Berkeley campuses. UCPD's approach is to involve students, faculty and staff in activities and operations. UCPD can't do this alone, and so ask the community and visitors to help UCPD create a safe and secure environment for everyone to enjoy.

Night Safety Services

Bearwalk (Dusk - 3:00 AM) • Night Safety Shuttle (7:30 PM - 3:00 AM) • Door-to-Door Service (3:00 - 5:30 AM)

UC Berkeley offers comprehensive free night safety services made up of BearWalk escort, night shuttle buses, and a door-to-door service. The time of day determines what services are available.

Campus Units

Berkeley International Office (BIO)

Supporting Cal's international community!

Graduate Division

Applying to Graduate School
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