M.A. in Mathematics

General Information

Thank you for your interest in the Mathematics M.A. Please note that the M.A. application is only available to current Ph.D. students at UC Berkeley interested in a simultaneous M.A. in Mathematics. There is no external, terminal program for the M.A. degree. We do not accept applications from anyone who is not a current Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley.

The Graduate Division's Online Application will be available in early September here. We expect to make final decisions by mid-April.

Application Requirements

First-year Ph.D. students are not eligible to apply. Students with an M.A. in Mathematics from another institution will not be permitted to obtain a second M.A. in Mathematics from UC Berkeley.

Other requirements for the program are the following:

  1. Applicants are required to have a 3.5 cumulative graduate GPA
  2. Applicants should submit one letter of recommendation from any faculty member in their home department
  3. Applicants should identify a faculty advisor in the Math Department who is willing to be their M.A. Advisor
  4. Applicants should submit a Mathematics M.A. study plan signed by their prospective M.A. Advisor — see the following attachment

M.A. Requirements

  1. 20 units of coursework and a capstone thesis
  2. Maintain at least a B average in courses taken for the M.A.
  3. A maximum of 8 units may be used toward both your Ph.D./D.E. and the M.A. in Mathematics
  4. No more than 1/3 of all units taken for the M.A. should be taken as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
  5. The M.A. degree must be completed prior to or at the same time as the Ph.D. — the M.A. degree cannot be completed after the Ph.D. is conferred

Contact Information

After reading the above material and our FAQ page, if you have further questions on admission to our program you can send an email to grads-math@berkeley.edu


Math Dept Petition to Add MA_July 2021 Update.pdf