Evans Hall Room Reservation

Welcome to the Math Department's room reservation system for departmental spaces in Evans Hall! Please note that departmental spaces may only be reserved by faculty, students, and staff affiliated with the Department of Mathematics.

Math department faculty, staff, students (grad students and majors), and affiliates (i.e. Visiting faculty, Postdocs, Lecturers, etc.) are welcome to reserve department space for math department related activities.

During the first three weeks of each semester as well as R&R week and Finals week, access to departmental spaces will be extremely limited. All requests for use of spaces during this period (either one-time or semester long) will only be granted on an exception basis and must be requested by contacting rooms@math.berkeley.edu. After the three weeks have passed, math department faculty, staff, students, and affiliates, can begin using the self-service function to reserve space.

The department will work to accommodate all room reservations but reserves the right to cancel or reschedule events in departmental spaces and will work with the requestor accordingly.

A handy room reservation cheatsheet/quick guide has been created by our Curriculum Manager to assist faculty and GSIs with making room reservations for their course needs throughout the semester. Please review the table for information on reserving General Assignment and Department spaces for DSP exams, review sessions, large office hour meetings, etc.

For questions or assistance reserving departmental spaces, please contact rooms@math.berkeley.edu.


Room Use Guidelines

Approval to use departmental spaces is contingent upon your agreement to adhere to the following policies:

  • To prevent interruptions during a reservation made to facilitate testing, we ask the host to post a visible sign indicating that testing is in progress, do not disturb.
  • Please bring your own chalk, erasers, or markers.
  • Chalk, whiteboard markers and erasers can be obtained from 970 Evans.
  • Do not exceed the approved occupancy for the room, at any time.
  • At the conclusion of your reservation time you must: remove all trash, recycling, and compost from the room and clean boards. If you would like to wipe down surfaces prior to or after you are done using the rooms there are wipes located in 744, 838, 958 and 1002. Please make sure to close the cap to the wipes when done.
  • Food is not permitted.
  • After use, return all furniture to the default setup (chairs placed around the table, etc.)
  • Do not remove furniture from the room(s).
  • If you bring chairs into the room(s), please be sure to remove the chairs after you use the space.
  • Notify the Office Administrator (rooms@math.berkeley.edu) if the room is not clean when you arrive to use the space.
  • When exiting the room after your reservation, please make sure the doors and windows are closed and locked, and any additional door signage is removed.
  • Users must adhere at all times to campus Rules of Conduct.
  • Additional Guidance regarding use of Departmental Spaces during COVID19
    • The reservation host and all room guests must follow current campus policies regarding face-coverings and display signage about the rules.
    • Additionally, the reservation host and all room guests must follow applicable guidance regarding meetings/events and returning to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reservations & Room Features

To reserve any available space (with the exception of 1015 Evans), please follow these instructions:

  • Review the "Room Use Guidelines"
  • Review the room features table to determine which room will be adequate for your space needs.  Please note, for additional details on each of the spaces, you can click on the room number for the desired space(s);
  • Check the room availability via bCal (instructions to add room calendars to bCal).
  • Once you determine which room(s) you wish to reserve, click the "Click to Request a Reservation" button (Note: be sure to fill in all fields on the form).
  • Once your reservation request has been approved, please look in your @berkeley.edu email account for a reservation confirmation sent by rooms@math.berkeley.edu, ensure your reservation is correct.

As a reminder, users are responsible for set-up, clean-up, operating AV equipment, and ensuring that room use policies are adhered to by all attendees. You must account for this time in your reservation.  For support or to answer any questions about room reservations, please email: rooms@math.berkeley.edu


General description for reservation rooms.
Room Number Capacity Chair count Board type Projector Speakers Video connections
Events Evans-1015 170 66 glassboards yes yes HDMI/VGA
Evans-891 24 24 chalkboards yes no VGA
Evans-939 38 38 chalkboards yes no HDMI/VGA
Evans-732 27 28 whiteboards yes no HDMI/VGA
Evans-736 30 31 chalkboards yes no VGA
Evans-740 40 40 chalkboards yes no VGA
Classroom Evans-748 35 30 glassboards yes no HDMI/VGA
Evans-730 10 10 chalkboards no no none
Evans-762 12 12 whiteboards & chalkboards yes no VGA
Evans-959 12 14 whiteboards no no none
Conference Evans-961 12 14 whiteboards no no none
Before exiting the room ensure the accurate number of chairs are in the room, and floor, boards and tables are clean.

1015 Reservation Forms

Only available for department affiliated personnel

Reservations for non department affiliated personnel not available at this time.

Whiteboard Maintenance

  • Use only dry erase markers meant for use with whiteboards.
  • Always allow the dry erase marker to dry thoroughly before erasing.
  • Always use a dry erase eraser or soft cloth to remove the marker.
  • All marks must be removed using liquid dry erase whiteboard cleaners. Never use liquid whiteboard cleaners to remove wet marker ink.
  • If whiteboard cleaner is not available, use a mild soap and water. Rinse with clean water and wipe with a soft dry cloth.


  • Do not use strong solvents or cleaners on the marker board.
  • Do not use cleaners with abrasives.
  • Do not remove dry erase markers with wet towelettes such as “Erasettes”.
  • Do not remove dry erase marks directly with liquid dry erase whiteboard cleaner containing 70% Isopropyl Alcohol or higher.
  • Manufacturer recommends Expo Marks-a-Lot and Quartet dry erase markers. Some colors are more prone to leave shadows.

You are responsible for cleaning the whiteboards after use.

Contact Us

Questions about room reservations please email: room reservations administrator at rooms@math.berkeley.edu.

User's exit check-list
Testing in progress sign