Directions to the Department

Getting to Berkeley

Evans HallYou can fly to San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland International Airports. Cheap airlines tend to fly to Oakland, such as Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and JetBlue. Even United flights are often cheaper to Oakland. From Chicago, ATA is often the cheapest, flying to San Francisco. Also check out Frontier Airlines, Midwest Express, and National Airlines flying to San Francisco.

From SFO Airport, the easiest way to get to UC Berkeley is to use the door-to-door shuttle Bayporter Express. It is now possible to take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, a local train system) from SFO to Downtown Berkeley.

From Oakland Airport take BART for Richmond, and get off at Downtown Berkeley station (not North Berkeley). See also public transportation to UC Berkeley. You can walk from the BART station to the Berkeley campus (see Map of the campus; BART station is in C1) or you can use the campus shuttle. Door-to-door shuttle Bayporter Express can take you to Berkeley from the Oakland Airport.

For a comprehensive list of other airport shuttle services visit

Driving is not recommended in Berkeley because parking and traffic can be a nightmare. Public transportation is recommended. Nonetheless, here are driving directions to campus.

Getting to the Math Department

The Department of Mathematics is located near the East Entrance to Campus. Once you have arrived in Berkeley, follow these directions:

  1. From Telegraph Avenue
    1. Head North on Telegraph Avenue
    2. Telegraph becomes one-way at Dwight Way; two blocks later, turn right/East onto Channing Way
    3. After three blocks turn left/North onto Piedmont Avenue
    4. After a couple of blocks, Piedmont begins to run along the East edge of campus (and becomes Gayley Road)
    5. Follow Gayley Road to the East Entrance of campus and turn left
    6. Evans Hall (as in the picture, though seen from the other side) will be on your right about 1/3 mile into campus
    7. The Department of Mathematics' main office is 970 Evans Hall, on the 9th floor
  2. From University Avenue
    1. Head East on University Avenue
    2. When University Avenue ends at campus, turn right/South (onto Oxford Street)
    3. When it passes the southwest corner of campus, Oxford becomes Fulton Street
    4. Two blocks later, turn left/East onto Channing Way
    5. Channing Way crosses Telegraph Avenue after two blocks; continue on Channing as in 1.C above
  3. From points East
    1. After exiting the freeway, head West on Tunnel Road (which soon becomes Ashby Avenue)
    2. Turn right/North on Telegraph Avenue, and continue as from 1.A above

Note: When visiting the Berkeley campus by car during working hours one should, in general, park on a nearby street or in a commercial lot, as there is no public parking available on campus. However, the department can usually arrange one-time parking for invited visitors.