Affiliated Research Centers

Other Mathematical Research Programs in and around Berkeley


The Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (SLMath) exists to further mathematical research through broadly based programs in the mathematical sciences and closely related activities.

Mathematics Department at LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

The LBNL Mathematics Department, part of the Computational Research Division of LBNL, consists of researchers on the faculty of the UC Berkeley Mathematics Department, staff scientists, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scientists, and graduate students. The Department's research centers on the development of numerical and analytical methods and their application to challenging, difficult problems in physics and engineering. Current areas of specialized interest are vortex and particle methods, solid mechanics and fracture, interface techniques, turbulence theory, dynamics of polymeric systems, parallel implementation of codes for large-scale scientific computing, and fast algorithms.

The Adolf C. and Mary Sprague Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science

The Miller Institute is "dedicated to the encouragement of creative thought and the conduct of research and investigation in the field of pure science and investigation in the field of applied science in so far as such research and investigation are deemed by the Advisory Board to offer a promising approach to fundamental problems." The Institute operates four programs. Miller Research Fellowships are open to young scholars who have recently taken or who are about to take the doctoral degree, Miller Research Professorships to members of the faculties of the University of California, and Visiting Miller Research Professorships to promising or eminent scientists who wish to come to Berkeley for collaborative research interactions.  Members of the Miller Institute under these three programs have no teaching duties and are free to devote their full time and effort to research and collaboration.  In addition, Miller Senior Fellowships, open to tenured UC Berkeley faculty for five years (possibly renewable for a subsequent five years) provide annual stipends in support of research activities.