Frequently Used Textbooks

The textbooks below are frequently used in the Berkeley undergraduate math classes. However, the assigned textbook may depend on the semester and instructor.
Course NumberTextbook(s)
104 "Elementary analysis" by Kenneth Ross
H104 "Principles of mathematical analysis" by Walter Rudin
105 "Real mathematical analysis" by Charles Pugh
110 "Linear Algebra Done Right" by Sheldon Axler* (department selected text)
113 "A first course in abstract algebra" by John Fraleigh
H113 "Topics in algebra" by Israel Herstein
114 "Galois theory" by Ian Stewart
116 "An introduction to mathematical cryptography" by Hoffstein, Pipher and Silverman
121A/B "Mathematical methods in the physical sciences" by Mary Boas
123 "The qualitative theory of differential equations" by Brauer and Nohel
126 "Partial differential equations: an introduction" by Walter Strauss
128A/B "Numerical analysis" by Richard Burden and J. Douglas Faires
130 "Notes on geometry" by Elmer Rees
140 "Elements of differential geometry" by Richard Millman and George Parker
141 "Differential topology" by Victor Guillemin and Alan Pollack
142 "Basic topology" by M.A. Armstrong
143 "Ideals, varieties and algorithms" by David Cox, John Little and Donal O'Shea
185 "Complex variables and applications" by James Brown and Ruel Churchill
H185 "Complex analysis" by Lars Ahlfors