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News & Announcements

Congratulations to Professor Lin Lin for receiving a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers!
Congratulations to Chris Shannon (the Richard and Lisa Steiny Professor of Economics and Professor of Mathematics) for her election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences!
Fall 2019 Quantitative Reasoning Exam will be held Wed. Aug. 28th from 5-6:30PM in 939 Evans Hall
Congratulations to all of our 2019 Graduate Fellowship Recipients! Awarding agencies include: National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, U.S. Department of Energy, & Graduate Division
Professor Emeritus Elwyn Berlekamp, pioneering mathematician and computer scientist, has passed away.

Today's Events

Applied Math Seminar: The self-similarly expanding ellipsoid of phase change yields dynamic cavitational instabilities and models deep earthquakes
3-Manifold Seminar: Surface group representations
Mathematics Department Colloquium: Orthogonal polynomial expansions for the Riemann xi function