Building Emergency Plan

Evans Hall Emergency Plan

Building Coordinator

Building CoordinatorJasan Fujii, 920 Evans Hall, +1 (510) 642-9104,

Emergency Evacuations Instructions

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Remove personal belongings, exit office and close door behind you. In case of bomb threat, do not turn off lights or equipment.

Designated Waiting AreaDesignated Waiting Area (DWA)

Assist disabled persons in your vicinity with exiting the building or finding refuge in an office with a door. Each building has a marked designated waiting area. DWA is a location where individuals with mobility impairments should relocate during a building evacuation. While DWAs are most often located near stairwells, individuals should check floor plans posted at the elevators to find that floor's DWA. The DWA in Evans Hall is located at the south stairwell, on each floor, in the vestibuleThe DWA is marked with the wheelchair symbol. During an emergency DWAs are checked by campus police and emergency responders. Individuals who have difficulty standing for extended periods of time may bring a chair to sit in. The chair must not block the doorway making it difficult for others to evacuate. They should also bring their cell phones with them so they may contact the Emergency Responders if necessary.


Exit the building by the nearest stairway. Do not use the elevator. The goal is to have the building completely evacuated in 5 minutes or less. Note that it is illegal to remain in the building after the alarm sounds. Failure to exit will be reported to the police when they arrive and could result in a fine.

If you have information regarding the cause of the alarm bell sounding, report immediately to your Roll Taker at the Evacuation Assembly Area (Lawn area ). Look for your floor sign and report to your Roll Taker to check-in.

Evacuation Assembly Area

  1. Assemble at the lawn area.
  2. Make your safe exit known to your Roll Taker first, if you need to depart the area.
  3. You should report to the Assembly Area POC, only if you experience any significant problems during the evacuation.
  4. Wait until proper notification even after the alarm bell stops. This is an indication that public safety officials have given permission to re-occupy the building. Assembly Area POC will signal when the building is ready to occupy.

Earthquake Event

In a minor earthquake, occupants may re-enter the building.
In the event of a major earthquake, the general rule is to "Duck, Cover and Hold" until the shaking stops, then evacuate the building. Occupants should stay outside until the building has been checked by a structural engineer. The alarm will not sound unless there is a fire or release of hazardous substances.


Downloadable evacuation instructions