Courses in Math

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Math Courses Overview

Course information for specific Semesters:

  • Schedules and course announcements: Under the heading Course Offerings in the menu at left you will find a link for the current term (= Semester or Summer Session), and, as the time approaches, will show links for coming terms as well. Clicking on one of these links will bring you to a schedule of math classes for that term, including (except in the case of summer sessions) the instructors' course announcements, with information on teaching philosophy, grading policy, etc. It will also open two further links on that menu: to a textbook-list and a list of course web-pages.
  • Course Archives: These give some of the same information for past terms.
  • Office Hours of math faculty and GSI's are listed for the current term.
  • The Schedule of Classes for the Berkeley campus gives campus-wide course information: schedules, current enrollment figures, dates and times of Final Exams, etc.

Further material on courses:

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