We invite you to support discovery and teaching at Berkeley Mathematics!

There are many ways to support the efforts of the Department of Mathematics at Berkeley, and we are grateful for your generosity. For example, the Friends of Mathematics Fund provides discretionary support for emerging student needs, student groups, department colloquia and other areas that are vital to the collegial life of the department. More and more, the Department of Mathematics Graduate Student Support Fund is a crucial source of funding for stipends and “top-off’s” for graduate students. This funding helps us recruit the best and brightest students to our department.


Other Ways to Support Math:

There are many other ways to help the Math Department maintain excellence in all aspects of research and teaching. If the fund you wish to support does not appear above, please contact our Ryan Guasco, Associate Development Director (rguasco [at] berkeley [dot] edu, 599-8698) OR send a check (made out to the UC Berkeley Foundation) with allocation instructions to:

    UC Berkeley
    Donor and Gift Services
    1995 University Avenue, Suite 400
    Berkeley, CA 94720

For more information about how to give (i.e. securities, bank transfer, planned giving), please visit How Can I Give to UC Berkeley? for instruction.


Our Strategic Priorities

The Department of Mathematics seeks to maintain its excellence in all aspects of research and education and stature as one of the best math departments in the world. We also strive to provide access to students from all walks of life and all over the world. Support from our alumni and friends is crucial to these goals:



Endowed chairs and faculty support allow the department to attract and retain the next teaching and research talent in the field. They create prestigious positions that attract sought-after faculty, and provide members of our department with the funding needed to do innovative research. For example, graduate students, lab equipment, travel, conferences all help faculty to conduct innovative research and make important discoveries.



Funding for fellowships is a top priority in the department, as a full year fellowship can cost more than $40,000 and will only continue to increase. Offering student support is one of our best tools for attracting the brightest and most promising students, either through the creation of a named endowed fund or with current-use funds.



At the heart of the Berkeley experience lies discovery — the opportunity to foster new ideas and test them through research. The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) make it possible for talented students to spend a summer carrying out ambitious research projects. Through SURF, students pursue research that fires their imagination, connects them deeply with a faculty mentor, and lays the groundwork for future exploration — in school and in life. Participating students receive a stipend that frees them to immerse themselves in work and finish their education with a significant advantage.



Friends of Mathematics is an unrestricted fund that directly supports all facets of the department’s activities and programs, enriching the collegial life of the department. Such activities include research travel for students, undergraduate student groups, and the day-to-day supply needs of classrooms and lab facilities.


Thank you for supporting the Department of Mathematics at Berkeley!

For further information, please email Ryan Guasco, Associate Development Director (rguasco [at] berkeley [dot] edu), or call 510-599-8698 with any additional questions.