Olga Holtz

Curriculum Vitae: 
Primary Research Area: 
Applied Mathematics
Additional Research Areas: 
Algebra, Mathematical Analysis
Research Interests: 
Numerical analysis, matrix theory, algebra and combinatorics, computational complexity
Contact Information
821 Evans Hall
holtz [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Selected Publications: 
  1. Ballard, Grey, Demmel, James, Holtz, Olga and Schwartz, Oded (2014), Communication costs of Strassen's matrix multiplication. Commun. ACM, 57, no.2, 107–114.
  2. Holtz, Olga, Mehrmann, Volker and Schneider, Hans (2013), Matrices that commute with their derivative. On a letter from Schur to Wielandt. Linear Algebra Appl., 438, no.5, 2574–2590. [MR] [aXv]
  3. Ballard, Grey and Demmel, James and Holtz, Olga and Schwartz, Oded (2012), Graph expansion and communication costs of fast matrix multiplication. J. ACM 59, no. 6, article 32. [MR][aXv
  4. Derevyagin, Maxim and Holtz, Olga and Khrushchev, Sergey and Tyaglov, Mikhail (2012), Szegő's theorem for matrix orthogonal polynomials. J. Approx. Theory, 164/9, 1238-1261. [MR] [aXv]
  5. Holtz, Olga and Tyaglov, Mikhail (2012), Structured matrices, continued fractions, and root localization of polynomials. SIAM Review, 54, no.3, 421-509. [MR][aXv]
  6. Holtz, Olga and Ron, Amos and Xu, Zhiqiang (2012), Hierarchical zonotopal spaces. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 364, 745-766. [MR] [aXv]
  7. Ballard, Grey and Demmel, James and Holtz, Olga and Schwartz, Oded (2011), Minimizing communication in numerical linear algebra. SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl. 32, no. 3, 866-901. [MR][aXv]   
  8. Holtz, Olga and Nazarov, Fedor and Peres, Yuval (2011), New coins from old, smoothly. Constr. Approx. 33, 331-363. [MR] [aXv]
  9. Holtz, Olga and Ron, Amos (2011), Zonotopal algebra. Adv. Math. 227, no.2, 847-894. [MR] [aXv]
  10. Holtz, Olga and Shomron, Noam (2010), Computational Complexity and Numerical Stability of Linear Problems. Proceedings of the 5th European Congress of Mathematics, A.C.M. Ran, H. te Riele, J. Wiegerinck (Eds.), EMS Publishing House, pp. 381-400. [MR] [aXv]