Mathematics 10B

Spring, 2016
TuTh 2:10-3:30PM, 100 Lewis

Elementary combinatorics and discrete probability theory. Introduction to graphs, matrix algebra, linear equations, difference equations, and differential equations
Professor Kenneth A. Ribet
Telephone: 510 642 0648
Fax: (510) 642-8204
Office hours (885 Evans Hall)
math 55
lecture of the spring, 2015 semester
"he is a little wordy. i sometimes get lost or fall asleap when he says unnecessary words"

Student Instructor Office Hours

Student Instructor Evans Hall Office Office Hours
Benjamin T. Castle 836 M 10-11, Tu 4-5, Th 10-11
Elizabeth A. Ferme 1062 Tu 4-5, Fri 9:30-10:30
James M. Robertson 834 MF 10:10-11:10
Elina Robeva 775 M 4-5, Th 1-2
Theodore T. Zhu 840 M 3-4, W 11-12

Discussion Sections

Section Time Room GSI
201 8AM 179 Stanley James Robertson
202 9AM 179 Stanley James Robertson
203 10AM 254 Sutardja Dai Elina Robeva
204 11AM 105 Latimer Elina Robeva
205 12PM 87 Evans Theodore Zhu
206 1PM 285 Cory Benjamin Castle
207 1PM 254 Sutardja Dai Elizabeth Ferme
208 2PM 254 Sutardja Dai Elizabeth Ferme
209 3PM 254 Sutardja Dai Benjamin Castle
210 4PM 71 Evans Theodore Zhu


The only textbook is the four-part series of notes that you can download from bCourses:


Please do not plan travel on the dates of these exams. If you believe that you have a conflicting obligation because of an intercollegiate sport or other extracurricular activity, please read these guidelines immediately.

Class schedule

Jan. 19
Intro to the class
Counting principles
Jan. 21
Pigeonhole principle
Jan. 26
Jan. 28 Binomial coefficients
Feb. 2 More on counting
Feb. 4
Conditional probability
Feb. 9 Bayes
Feb. 11 Review
Feb. 16 First Midterm Exam
Feb. 18
Random variables
Feb. 23 Discrete distributions
Feb. 25
Expected value
Mar. 1
Mar. 3
Hypothesis testing
χ2 tests
Mar. 8 Recursion equations
Mar. 10 Differential equations
Mar. 15
Linear first order ODEs
Partial fractions
Mar. 17 Partial fractions
Spring Break
Mar. 29 Catching up and review
Mar. 31 Last Midterm Exam
Apr. 5 Separable nonlinear ODEs
Apr. 7 Second-order linear ODEs
Apr. 12 Matrix algebra
Apr. 14
Apr. 19 Gaussian elimination
Apr. 21
Apr. 26
Least squares
Linear regression
Apr. 28 Dynamic programming
May. 3 RRR week
May. 5 RRR week


Homework will be due in your discussion section. Collaboration on the homework is encouraged, but students must write their own solutions after consultation with classmates. At the end of the course, your composite homework score will be the sum of all but your two lowest scores, plus 0.5 times your next-to-lowest score. In other words, we are dropping everyone's lowest 1 1/2 scores.
  1. Assignment due Wednesday, January 27
  2. Assignment due Wednesday, February 3
  3. Assignment due Wednesday, February 10
  4. Assignment due Wednesday, February 24
  5. Assignment due Wednesday, March 2
  6. Assignment due Wednesday, March 9
  7. Assignment due Wednesday, March 16
  8. Assignment due Wednesday, March 30
  9. Assignment due Wednesday, April 13
  10. Assignment due Wednesday, April 20
  11. Assignment due Wednesday, April 27
  12. Assignment due Wednesday, May 4

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Course grades will be based on a composite numerical score that is intended to weight the course components roughly as follows: midterm exams 17% each, homework and quizzes 20%, final exam 46%.

As far as I can determine, the last day to add or drop this course is Friday, February 19, i.e., the day after the first midterm. The last day to change your grading option should be Friday, April 1, i.e., the day after the second midterm. Incomplete grades will be assigned only to students for whom a documented medical, personal or family emergency precludes completion of the course. Students receiving such grades are required to have been doing work of passing quality up to the intervention of the emergency.

You can deduce the composite grade distribution for this course for 2013 and 2014 from schedulebuilder. I calculated that the grade distribution was 39% A, 37% B, 18% C, 6% D/F, but you might want to check my work. For 2015, the grades were distributed as follows: 38% A, 43% B, 15% C, 4% D/F.

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