Fall 2011 MSRI-Evans Lectures

The talks for the Fall 2011 semester were on quantitative geometry. The schedule of the talks were as follows:

Date Topic Speaker Title
Aug. 29 QG Marianna Csornyei, University College London Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions and Tangents of Sets
Sept. 12 QG Nikhil Srivastava Graph Sparsification
Sept. 26 QG Robert Young Simple connectivity is complicated: an introduction to the Dehn function
Oct. 10 QG William Johnson Dimension reduction in discrete metric geometry
Oct. 24 QG Irine Peng Differentiation at large scales
Nov. 7 QG Tobias Colding Mean curvature flow
Nov. 21 QG Keith Ball The Second Law of Probability: Entropy Growth in the Central Limit Theorem