The Chern-Simons Research Lectures

The goal of the Chern-Simons Research Lectures is to bring active, leading researchers in mathematical physics to Berkeley for a short series of lectures. Begun in 2010, the Chern-Simons Research Lectures are supported with funds from the Chern-Simons Chair in Mathematical Physics, which was established by the Simons family in honor of Jim Simons.

The 2017 Chern-Simons Research Lectures will be given by Ivan Corwin of Columbia University, on April 3-7, 2017.


Professor Corwin works to unify algebraic structures within mathematics, build bridges between these structures and domains of physics, and discover universal phenomena within these domains. He has uncovered universal distributions (modern day parallels of the bell curve) in models of interface growth, traffic flow, mass transport, turbulence, and shock-fronts.

He will give lectures on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the Mathematics Department colloquium on Thursday. More details soon.