The Serge Lang Undergraduate Lectures

Serge Lang was a frequent visitor to our department. He spent many summers in Berkeley and often gave lectures to the Math Undergraduate Student Association after students returned to campus at the end of August. Each year from 1999 to 2005, Serge gave a MUSA lecture at 4PM on the first day of classes. MUSA and the Department of Mathematics continue the tradition by hosting a Serge Lang Undergraduate Lecture each fall (or occasionally spring).

The 2022-23 Serge Lang Undergraduate Lecture was given on Friday, November 18, 2022 by Professor Jeffrey Lagarias, University of Michigan.


Past Serge Lang Undergraduate Lecturers


2022-23 Jeffrey Lagarias
2021-22 Stephon Alexander
2020-21 Steven Strogatz
2019-20 Persi Diaconis
2018-19 Helene Barcelo
2017-18 Keith Devlin
2016-17 Ravi Vakil
2015-16 Brian Conrad
2014-15 Tony DeRose
2013-14 Bjorn Poonen
2012-13 John Baez
2011-12 Jordan Ellenberg
2010-11 Andrew Granville
2009-10 Benedict H. (Dick) Gross
2008-09 Peter W. Jones
2007-08 John H. Conway
2006-07 William Stein