Spring 2014 MSRI-Evans Lecture Series

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 27
Lars Hesselholt Topological cyclic homology (AT)
Feb. 3
Ehud Hrushovski Around Approximate Subgroups (MTAGNT)
Mar. 10
Gunnar Carlsson New Applications of Algebraic Topology (AT)
Mar. 17
Kathryn Hess Galois, Hopf, Grothendieck, Koszul, and Quillen (AT)
Apr. 1
Alex Wilkie Bounding the density of rational points on trascendental hypersurfaces via model theory (MTAGNT)
Apr. 7
Kirsten Wickelgren Sullivan's conjecture and applications to arithmetic (AT)
Apr. 21
François Loeser A journey through motivic integration (MTAGNT)
Apr. 28
Carol Wood The (un)reasonable effectiveness of model theory in mathematics (MTAGNT)