2015-2016 Bowen Lectures

The Fall 2015 Bowen Lectures were given by Jacob Lurie of Harvard University, on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2015. Each lecture begins at 4:10pm and ends at 5:00pm.

Series Title: Between Characteristic Zero and Characteristic $p$

Monday November 2nd
Lecture 1: Cohomology Theories, Rings, and Fields
2060 Valley Life Sciences Building

Reception following Monday’s lecture
5:15 pm, 1015 Evans Hall

Tuesday November 3rd
Lecture 2: Representation Theory in Intermediate Characteristic
141 McCone Hall

Wednesday November 4th
Lecture 3: Roots of Unity in Intermediate Characteristic
3108 Etcheverry Hall


Series Abstract:

In algebra and algebraic geometry, there is often a stark difference between the behavior of fields of characteristic zero (such as the complex numbers) and fields of characteristic $p$ (such as finite fields). For example, the equation $x^p = 1$ has $p$ distinct solutions over the field of complex numbers, but only one solution over any field of characteristic $p$. In this series talks, I'll introduce the subject of $K(n)$-local homotopy theory, which in some sense interpolates between characteristic zero and characteristic $p$, and describe the curious behavior of roots of unity in this intermediate regime.