Alan D. Weinstein

Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School
Primary Research Area: 
Additional Research Areas: 
Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics
Research Interests: 
Symplectic geometry, Mathematical physics
Contact Information
825 Evans Hall
alanw [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Selected Publications: 
  1. Weinstein, A., Categories of (co)isotropic linear relations, preprint arXiv 1503.06240, to appear in J. Symplectic Geom.
  2. Lorand, J., and Weinstein, A., (Co)isotropic pairs in Poisson and presymplectic vector spaces, SIGMA 11 (2015), 072, 10 pages.
  3. Li-Bland, D., and Weinstein, A., Selective categories and linear canonical relations, SIGMA 10, (2014), 100, 31 pages.
  4. Cattaneo, A., Dherin, B., and Weinstein, A, Integration of Lie algebroid comorphisms, Portugaliae Mathematica 70 (2013), 113–-144.
  5. Blohmann, C., Fernandes, M.C.B., and Weinstein, A., Groupoid symmetry and constraints in general relativity, Comm.  Contemp. Math. 15, No. 1 (2013), 1250061 (25 pages)