Lower Division Course Outlines

Below are the official departmental course outlines for the regular versions of our lower division courses.


Math 1A - Calculus
Math 1B - Calculus
Math 10A - Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics and Combinatorics
Math 10B - Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics and Combinatorics
Math 16A - Analytic Geometry & Calculus
Math 16B - Analytic Geometry & Calculus
Math 32 - Precalculus
Math 53 - Multivariable Calculus
Math 54 - Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
Math 55 - Discrete Mathematics

For additional information see

Honors versions of Math 1B, 53 and 54
Course Catalog Descriptions for all Math courses


We also offer "N" versions of the above lower-division courses in the 8 week Summer Session.  Please note that the "N" versions of these lower-division courses (N1A, N1B, N10A, etc) cover all of the same topics as their non-N counterparts, however the total number of contact hours is slightly different in Summer versus Fall/Spring, and the "N" versions are formatted as Lecture instead of Lecture plus Discussion.    Students cannot receive credit for both a non-N version and an N version of the same class (for example, a student who receives units for Math 54 cannot also receive units for Math N54).  A deficient grade in a non-N version can be replaced with an "N" version (and vice-versa). 




Worksheets for Math 1A, 1B, 53, and 54 may be downloaded, below: