Antonio Montalbán

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Year appointed: 2012
Selected Publications: 
  1. Embedding Jump Upper Semilattices into the Turing Degrees. Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 68 (3), 2003, pp. 989-1014. 
  2. Ranked Structures and Arithmetic Transfinite Recursion. With Noam Greenberg. Transactions of the AMS Vol 360, 2008, pp. 1265-1307. 
  3. On the equimorphism types of linear orderings. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic Vol 13, 2007, pp. 71-99. 
  4. On the n-Back-and-Forth types of Boolean Algebras. With Kenneth Harris. Transactions of the AMS, 364 (2012), 827–866.
  5. Open questions in Reverse Mathematics. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 17 (2011), 431-454.
  6. Rice Sequences of Relations. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 370 (2012), 3464-3487.
  7. The limits of determinacy in Second Order Arithmetic. With Richard A. Shore. To appear in the Proceedings of the London Math Society.
  8. A computability theoretic equivalent to Vaught’s conjecture. Advances in Mathematics, 235 (2013), 56–73.
Research interests: 

Mathematical logic, computability theory

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Supervised Dissertations

James Walsh; Antonio Montalbán
PhD Thesis (Author field refers to student + advisor), 2020
James Gardner Moody; Antonio Montalban; Theodore A. Slaman
PhD Thesis (Author field refers to student + advisor), 2019
Matthew Harrison-Trainor; Antonio Montalbán
PhD Thesis (Author field refers to student + advisor), 2017