Math 16B

Math 16B - Analytic Geometry and Calculus -- [3 units]

Course Format: Three hours of lecture, one and one-half hours of discussion per week.

Prerequisites: 16A

Credit Restrictions: Students will receive no credit for 16B after 1B, 2 units after 1A.

Description: Continuation of 16A.  Functions of several variables, Trigonometric functions, Techniques of integration, Differential equations, Taylor polynomials and infinite series, Probability and calculus. (F,SP)

Textbook:  Goldstein, Lay, Schneider, Asmar, Calculus and Its Applications, Custom Edition for Math 16B, Volume 2, University of California, Berkeley  

Outline of the Course: 

Chapter 7: Functions of Several Variables
7 hours
Partial derivatives, maxima, minima, Lagrange multipliers, double integrals. 

Chapter 8: The Trigonometric Functions
4 hours
Radian measure, differentiation and integration of sin, cos, tan.

Chapter 9: Techniques of Integration
6 hours
Substitution, integration by parts, evaluation and improper integrals. 

Chapter 10: Differential Equations
7 hours
Simple equations, separation of variables, applications. 

Chapter 11: Taylor Polynomials and Infinite Series
6 hours
Taylor polynomials, infinite series, convergence of series with positive terms, Taylor series. 

Chapter 12: Probability and Calculus
8 hours
Discrete and continuous random variables, expected value and variance, exponential, normal and Poisson distributions.

38 hours
Midterms & Holidays
4 hours
Reviews are appropriate during the RRR week
42 hours

The total number of class hours may vary during the Fall and Spring semesters.