Spring 1997 Colloquium

At the bottom of this page is a list of downloadable PDF files of the available abstracts of the Spring 1997 Colloquium talks.

Spring 1997

Date Speaker Title
January 23 Cathleen Morawetz, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences DiPerna Lecture, "Transonic flow: two existence problems"
January 30 Jiang-Hua Lu, University of Arizona Poisson goemetry and the Schubert calculus
February 6 Olga A. Ladyzhenskaya, Steklov Math Institute, St. Petersburg On solvability and attractors of the Navier-Stokes equations
February 13 Chern Symposium
February 20 David Eisenbud, Brandeis University An application of Commutative Algebra to Statistics
February 27 Lynne Butler, Haverford College and MSRI Enumeratively identical lattices: Subgroups and invariant subspaces
March 6 Ivan Penkov, University of California, Riverside Shadows of representations
March 13 Alexander Givental, University of California, Berkeley PDEs and Singularities
March 20 Irena Peeva, MIT Free resolutions
March 27 Spring Break!
April 3 M. S. Raghunathan, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and The University of Michigan The first betti number of locally symmetric spaces
April 10 Harvey Friedman, Ohio State University Unprovable theorems in discrete mathematics (no knowledge of logic will be assumed)
April 17 Lisa R. Goldberg, Barra, Inc. No volatility in the rational lognormal model
April 24 Elwyn Berlekamp, UC Berkeley Overview of combinatorial game theory (Mathematics Awareness Week lecture)
May 1 Bas Edixhoven, University of Rennes and UC Berkeley Polynomial relations between j-invariants of elliptic curves
May 8 Christine Bessenrodt, University of Magdeburg Representations of the symmetric groups and related groups, and their combinatorics

The colloquium meets Thursdays at 4:10PM in 60 Evans Hall. Lectures last 50 minutes and are followed by a short question period. The mathematical public is warmly invited to attend.

Kenneth A. Ribet, colloquium chair