Fall 1999 Colloquium

At the bottom of this page is a list of downloadable PDF files of the available abstracts of the Fall 1999 Colloquium talks.

Fall 1999

Date Speaker Title
September 2 Richard E. Borcherds, UCB Modular forms with singularities
September 9 Michel Broué, Université de Paris VII Speculations about spetses
September 16 Chern lecturer: Yuri Manin, Max-Planck-Institut, Bonn Counting rational points and rational curves: from Waring's problem to quantum cohomology
September 23 Susan Montgomery, University of Southern California Classifying finite-dimensional semisimple Hopf algebras
September 30 Eva Tardos, Cornell University, visiting UCB Approximation algorithms for some clustering problems
October 7 R. Parimala, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research Zeros of quadratic forms over function fields of p-adic curves
October 14 James Demmel, UCB Throwing away information for fun and profit
October 21 Yael Karshon, Hebrew University, visiting MSRI Hamiltonian group actions
October 28 Steve Shkoller, UC Davis Recent developments in the geometry of hydrodynamics
November 4 Margaret Wright, Bell Laboratories What, if anything, is new in optimization?
November 18 Justin Roberts, University of Edinburgh 6j-symbols and the tetrahedron
November 25 Justin Roberts, University of Edinburgh 6j-symbols and the tetrahedron
November 25 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2 Richard Karp, UCB, MSRI, and ICSI Algorithmic probabilistic graph theory

The colloquium meets Thursdays at 4:10PM in 60 Evans Hall, except the Chern lecture on September 16, which takes place in Sibley Auditorium (Bechtel Hall), and the Bowen lectures, which take place in 10 Evans (November 9 & 11) and 50 Birge (November 10). Lectures last 50 minutes and are followed by a short question period. The mathematical public is cordially invited to attend.

Hendrik W. Lenstra, Jr., Colloquium chair