Math H54 - Honors Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Spring, 2004

Lectures: TuTh 11am-12:30pm, Room 7 Evans Hall
Discussion section: MWF 8-9am, Room 3 Evans Hall
Course Control Number: 54717

Professor Mark Haiman

Office: 771 Evans
Phone: (510) 642-4318
Office Hours: W 11am-12:30pm

GSI: Jiangang Yao
Office: 1039 Evans
Office Hours: M 4-5pm and Th 1-2pm
Mailbox: 940 Evans

Prerequisites: Math 1B

Syllabus: Honors version of Math 54.  The course has two parts.
Part I: Linear algebra.  Vectors; matrices; solving linear equations.  Invertible matrices; determinants.  Vector spaces, bases, dimension and rank.  Inner product spaces, orthogonality, least-squares approximation.  Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; linear transformations.
Part II: Differential equations.  Review of linear ordinary differential equations in one variable.  Systems of linear differential equations; solution of systems with constant coefficients.  Introduction to Fourier series with applications to partial differential equations.

Required Texts:

Homework, exams and grading policy: Weekly homework assignments posted on the course web page and due in discussion section on Fridays (or in the GSI's mailbox by noon Friday).  Each homework set will contain some straightforward exercises, to check your understanding of the basic subject matter, and some more challenging problems, requiring a measure of creativity to solve.

Homework ground rules: feel free to discuss the homework problems and your ideas for solutions with other students.  However, if you work together with others, each of you must write up your solutions independently, without copying from solutions worked out jointly.

Percentage contribution of homework and exams to the overall course grade will be Homework 20%, Midterm exams 20% each, Final exam 40%.

Homework Assignments

(in PDF format; be sure your web browser has a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat available) I'll hold my usual office hour Wed, May 12, and I'll try to be available on Monday, May 17 also.

Jiangang's office hours for finals week:
Tu, W 5-6pm 818 Evans see Han Fei
Th, F 5-6pm 1039 Evans
Tu(May 18) 4-6pm 818 See Han Fei
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