Committee Descriptions

Current committee assignments are shown on the Departmental Officers page.

Academic Community Committee: 1 member
Description Plans activities to welcome facluty, postdocs, and students and to further enhance a sense of community.
Workload 5-10 hours per semester
Colloquium: 2 members, one each semester
Description Run biweekly Department Colloquium (4-5 PM Thursdays).
Workload Contact, select, and schedule speakers. Publicize talks, introduce speakers. Arrange dinners for speakers from out of town. (25 hours per Semester making arrangements, starting heavy, getting lighter; plus about 20 hours attending colloquium, after-colloquium dinners, etc. Ex-officio membership on Distinguished Lectures Committee.)
Committee Omega: 3 members
Description Consider graduate student requests for exceptions to Departmental rules (extension of deadlines, etc.)
Workload Read requests, attend meetings, vote; occasionally, seek further information. (3 hours per Semester.)
Computers and Information: 4 members
Description Oversee matters relating to Department's computer system and staff, and Department access to campus computing resources. Coordinate and develop information flow in and out of the department.
Workload Weekly meetings (20 hours per Semester).
Curriculum: 3 members
Description Oversee teaching of large calculus courses. Consider suggested changes in curriculum and textbooks of all courses, and proposed additions and removals of courses.
Workload Zero to heavy, depending on circumstances.
Development: 3 members
Description Advise and assist the Chair in fundraising efforts. Includes writing proposals for development ideas.
Workload Variable.
Distinguished Lectures: up to 4 members
Description Selects speakers for Bowen, Chern, DiPerna, and Lang lectures. Works with staff to make travel arrangments for visitors, reserve rooms, organize social events, publicity, etc. Colloquium Chair and Vice Chair for Development are ex-officio members of this committee.
Workload Subcommittees meet to recommend invitations to Department Chair after informal contact with candidates. Chair coordinates practical arrangements with assistance of full committee.
Education: 2 members
Description Help improve K-12 education.
Workload Liaison with schools, Education Department, and students planning on doing K-12 teaching. (Chair: 10-15 hours per Semester; others: 5 hours or less per Semester)
Faculty Advancement: 4 members
Description Make recommendations on promotion of ladder faculty.
Workload Read files and meet to discuss recommendations. Helps with preliminary drafts of recommendation letters. (Mostly in Fall; members: 30 hours per year.)
Faculty Appointments: up to 8 members
Description Seek and evaluate applicants for faculty positions (visiting and tenure-track). Very intense work, November-February, reading files, attending meetings and talks, and meeting with candidates.
Workload Reading applicants' files; attend meetings. (30 hours in Spring, 30 in Fall, if not more)
French Language Exam: 1 member
Description Prepare and grade French language exam for Math PhD students.
Workload Early each Semester, select 300-word passage for translation, from book, journal, etc., Grade translations (4-6 hours per Semester).
German Language Exam: 1 member
Description Prepare and grade German language exam for Math PhD students.
Workload Early each Semester, select 300-word passage for translation, from book, journal, etc.. Grade translations. (4-6 hours per Semester.)
Graduate Admissions: up to 9 members
Description Evaluate applicants for our Graduate program and evaluate applications for support (GSI's and department fellowships).
Workload Read folders of applicants, scoring them on overall quality. (20-25 hours in Spring, mostly in January-April.)
Head Major Advisor: 1 member
Description Counsel and assign advisors to new Math and Applied Math majors.
Workload Several hours per week of advising during peak periods, otherwise slower. Occasional attendance at multidepartment meetings of advisiors.
Jobs: 3-4 members
Description Facilitate job-search of exiting graduate students. Supervise writing teaching recommendation letters for graduate students based on their overall record.
Workload Advise job-hunting students, especially for nonacademic jobs. Publicize among earlier-level students skills they should acquire to improve eventual chances. Perhaps organize talks by Math PhD's working outside academia. Gather information on jobs obtained. (Chair: 3-4 hours per week in Spring; others: 10 hours per Semester.)
Library: 1- 2 members
Workload Provide liaison with Astro-Math-Stat Library, campus library administration, and if need arises, other campus libraries. Facilitate best practices for scholarly communication, including open-access publication and retention of copyright. Monitor and improve departmental website.
M.O.C.: 4 members
Description Promote success of strong graduate students with non-standard backgrounds.
Workload All faculty members of MOC have tasks equivalent to those of Graduate Admissions Committee, but for a smaller set of students. (30 hours in Spring Semester.) Various members also have tasks such as choosing Prelim Workshop leaders, supervising PrePhD Option, student advising, chairing MOC, etc., with various time-loads.
Nominations: 3 members
Description Nominate members of our faculty for appropriate prizes, fellowships, and awards. Help prepare nomination materials.
Workload About 20 hours per semester
Non-major Advisor: 1 member
Description Counsel undergraduate non-mathematics majors. Evaluate coursework completed at other institutions. Review articulation agreements concerning equivalences between courses at Berekeley and courses at community colleges.
Workload A minimum of 2 dedicated office hours each week.
Orchestra: 1 member
Description Coordinate the arrangements for the Department's Orchestra and Graduation Performance.
Workload Two weeks prior to commencement.
Photographer: 2 members
Description Maintain photographic display of Department's Faculty, Visitors, and Staff.
Workload Photograph new faculty, staff, and visitors, rephotograph those whose photos are 5 years old; show photos to subjects; mount and display with appropriate information. (Fall: 20 hours; Spring: 10 hours.)
Preliminary Exam: 7 members
Description Prepare and grade Preliminary Examination for students in PhD program.
Workload Submit and vet exam questions. Grade answers to about 3 questions on each exam. (12 hours Fall, 9 in Spring.)
Prizes: 5 members
Description Select students for Departmental Prizes, including the Alexander, Goldberg-Ribet, and Friedman Prizes
Workload Seek nominations and letters of recommendation of students for Departmental prizes; select students; purchase some prizes; present prizes. (30 hours in second half of Spring Semester.)
Public Relations: 1 member
Description Respond to communications to Department from general public.
Workload Reply to letters. Tact required in some cases (e.g., angle-trisectors). (0-2 hours per week.)
Russian Language Exam: 1 member
Description Prepare and grade Russian language exam for Math PhD students.
Workload Early each Semester, select 300-word passage for translation, from book, journal, etc.. Grade translations. (1-2 hours per Semester.)
Schedule: 2-3 members
Description In cooperation with section representatives and staff, set next year's teaching schedule and handle changes required in current year's schedule.
Workload Non-algorithmic NP-space optimization problem; discussions with affected faculty and section representatives. (50-100 hours per year, mostly in Spring.)
Summer Sessions: 1 member
Description Advise on selection of summer GSI's. Troubleshoot during summer session.
Workload A few hours for selection in Spring. As needed during Summer.
Teaching: 4-5 members
Description Help faculty improve teaching; arrange letters of recommendation for visiting faculty, responsible for peer-review of teaching.
Workload At request of faculty members, observe their teaching and discuss ways of improving it, and/or (in case of visitors seeking next job) write letter of evaluation; and/or coordinate observation of each other's teaching, and writing of letters of recommendation for visitors, by other Department members. (10-30 hours per Semester.)