Committee Descriptions

Current committee assignments are shown on the Departmental Officers page.

Academic Community Committee: 2 faculty + postdoc and student representatives
Description Plan welcoming and mentoring activities for faculty, postdocs, and students in order to promote a sense of community.
Workload 10-20 hours per semester.
Colloquium: 2 members (one for Fall and one for Spring)
Description Run biweekly department colloquium (4-5 PM Thursdays).
Workload Contact, select, and schedule speakers. Publicize talks, introduce speakers. Arrange dinners for speakers from out of town. (25 hours per semester making arrangements, starting heavy, getting lighter; plus about 20 hours attending colloquium, after-colloquium dinners, etc. Ex-officio membership on Distinguished Lectures Committee.)
Committee Omega: 3 members
Description Consider graduate student requests for exceptions to Departmental rules (extension of deadlines, etc.)
Workload Read requests, attend meetings, vote; occasionally, seek further information. (3 hours per semester.)
Computers and Information: 3 members
Description Oversee matters relating to the department’s computer system and staff, and department access to campus computing resources. Coordinate and develop information flow in and out of the department.
Workload As needed
Curriculum: 2 members
Description Oversee teaching of large calculus courses. Manage textbook selections for lower division courses, syllabi for all courses, and proposed additions and removals of courses.
Workload Zero to heavy, depending on circumstances.
Development and Newsletter: 3 members
Description Prepare the department’s annual newsletter. Advise and assist the chair in fundraising efforts.
Workload 50 hours in Fall to prepare the newsletter; variable workload for fundraising.
Distinguished Lectures: up to 4 members
Description Select speakers for Bowen, Chern, DiPerna, and Lang lectures. Work with staff to make travel arrangements for visitors, reserve rooms, organize social events, publicity, etc.
Workload The sum of the workload of the committee members is 40-50 hours.
Equity and Inclusion: 2 faculty + student representative(s)
Description Coordinate and plan activities to promote equity and inclusion in the department. Advise the department on matters pertaining to equity and inclusion.
Workload Variable depending on issues at hand.
Faculty Advancement: 4 members
Description Make recommendations and help prepare cases for promotion of ladder faculty.
Workload Read files, meet to discuss recommendations, and help chair draft letters. (Mostly in Fall; members: 20 hours per year.)
Faculty Appointments: 8 members
Description Seek and evaluate applicants for faculty positions. Read files, attend committee meetings and job talks, and interview candidates.
Workload 40-50 hours in November-February. (The workload depends on the number of positions to be filled.)
Graduate Admissions: 7 members
Description Evaluate applicants for our graduate program and evaluate graduate students and admissions applicants for support (GSIs and department fellowships.)
Workload 20-25 hours in Spring, mostly in January-April.
Head Major Advisor: 1 member
Description Counsel prospective and continuing Math and Applied Math majors, especially those requesting various kinds of exceptions to the requirements for entering or completing the major.
Workload Several hours per week of advising during peak periods, otherwise slower. Occasional attendance at multidepartment meetings of advisors.
Library Representative: 1 members
Description Provide liaison with the astro-math-stat library and the campus library system.
Workload About 1 meeting per month.
M.O.C.: 3 members
Description Promote success of strong graduate students with non-standard backgrounds.
Workload All faculty members of MOC have tasks equivalent to those of Graduate Admissions and Appointments Committees, but for a smaller set of students. (30 hours in Spring Semester, 60 hours for the chair.) Various members also have tasks such as choosing Prelim Workshop leaders, supervising the Pre-Ph.D. Option, student advising, etc., with various time loads.
Nominations: 3 members
Description Nominate members of our faculty for appropriate prizes, fellowships, and awards.
Workload About 20 hours per semester
Non-major Advisor: 1 member
Description Counsel undergraduate non-mathematics majors. Evaluate coursework completed at other institutions. Review articulation agreements concerning equivalences between courses at Berkeley and courses at community colleges. Update decisions on
Workload A minimum of 2 dedicated office hours each week.
Photographer: 2 members
Description Maintain photographic display of department's faculty, visitors, and staff.
Workload Photograph new faculty, staff, and visitors, rephotograph those whose photos are 5 years old; show photos to subjects; mount and display with appropriate information. (Fall: 20 hours; Spring: 10 hours.)
Postdoc Appointments: 6-8 members
Description Evaluate applicants for postdoc appointments.
Workload Heavy during Nov - Feb.
Preliminary Exam: 5 members
Description Prepare and grade preliminary examination for students in Ph.D. program.
Workload Submit and vet exam questions. Grade answers to about 3 questions on each exam. (12 hours Fall, 9 in Spring.)
Prizes: 5 members
Description Select students for Departmental Prizes, including the Alexander, Goldberg-Ribet, and Friedman Prizes
Workload Seek nominations and letters of recommendation of students for Departmental prizes; select students; purchase some prizes; present prizes. (30 hours in second half of Spring Semester.)
Schedule: 2 members
Description In cooperation with section representatives and staff, set next year’s teaching schedule and handle changes required in current year’s schedule.
Workload Non-algorithmic NP-space optimization problem; discussions with affected faculty and section representatives. (50-100 hours per year, mostly in Spring.)
Summer Sessions: 1 member
Description Advise on selection of summer GSIs. Troubleshoot during summer session.
Workload A few hours for selection in Spring. As needed during Summer.
Teaching: 5 members
Description Help faculty improve teaching; arrange letters of recommendation for visiting faculty.
Workload 10 hours per semester.