Departmental Committees

Committee Descriptions

Current committee assignments are shown on the Departmental Officers page.

Colloquium: 2 faculty (one for Fall and one for Spring)
Description Run department colloquium (4-5pm Thursdays). Contact, select and schedule speakers. Publicize talks, introduce speakers, host dinners. (Depending on the situation, organize some online alternatives.) Consult with the Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs for speakers.
Workload 25 hours per semester making arrangements, plus about 20 hours attending talks and dinners
Curriculum: 3 faculty
Description Manage textbook selections and syllabi for lower division courses, and proposed additions and removals of courses. Monthly meetings with Head Major Advisor and advising staff.
Workload 1 hour per week
Development and Newsletter: 2 faculty
Description Prepare the department's annual newsletter. Advise and assist the Department Chair in fundraising efforts.
Workload 100 hours (total over all members) to prepare the newsletter. Variable workload for fundraising.
Distinguished Lectures: 3 faculty + colloquium chair (ex officio)
Description Select speakers for Bowen, Chern, DePerna, and Lang lectures. Work with staff to make travel arrangements for visitors, reserve rooms, organize social events, publicity, etc. (Depending on the situation, arrange some postponed lectures from 2019-20 and/or organize some online alternatives.)
Workload 40-50 hours (total over all members)
Equity and Inclusion: 4 faculty + student and staff representatives
Description Coordinate and plan activities to promote equity and inclusion in the department. Advise the department on matters pertaining to equity and inclusion.
Workload Variable depending on the issues at hand.
Faculty Advancement: 3 faculty + department chair
Description Make recommendations and help prepare cases for promotion of ladder faculty.
Workload 20 hours per member, mostly in Fall.
Faculty Appointments: 7 faculty + faculty vice chair + equity advisor (ex officio)
Description Seek and evaluate applicants for faculty positions. Read files, attend committee meetings and job talks, and interview candidates. Consult with the DEI Committee Chair about potential recruitment candidates. (There may be some online meetings over Thanksgiving weekend and winter break in order to expedite the decision process.)
Workload 40-50 hours per member in November-February. 
Graduate Admissions: 6 faculty + graduate vice chair
Description Evaluate applicants for our graduate program, and evaluate graduate students and admissions applicants for support (GSIs and department fellowships).
Workload 25-30 hours per member, mostly in January.
Graduate Advising: 5 faculty
Description Each member advises a small group of first-year graduate students on selecting courses and navigating the department. In addition, on rare occasions the committee entertains requests for exceptions to graduate program policy.
Workload 5-10 hours per member
Head Major Advisor: 1 faculty
Description Counsel prospective and continuing Math and Applied Math majors, especially those requesting exceptions to the requirements for entering or completing the major. Work with undergraduate advising staff.
Workload Several hours per week of advising during peak periods, otherwise slower.
Library representative: 1 faculty
Description Liaison with the math-stat library and the campus library system.
Workload About 1 meeting per month.
Mathematics Opportunity Committee: 3 faculty
Description Evaluate applicants to the graduate program who might make contributions to diversity, and write letters of recommendation for the Chancellor's Fellowship. Note: We are considering merging the work of the MOC into the Graduate Admissions Committee. In that case, faculty assigned to the MOC would move to the Graduate Admissions Committee.
Workload 30 hours for the chair; 15 hours for other members.
Nominations: 3 faculty
Description Nominate faculty for appropriate prizes, fellowships, and awards.
Workload 10 hours per member, mostly around August/September and March.
Non-Major Advisor: 1 faculty
Description Determine equivalency for students who have taken math courses at other colleges and universities.
Workload 1 hour per week; a lot more around the beginning of the semester.
Photography: 2 faculty
Description Take pictures of new department members, produce poster.
Workload 5 hours per member
Postdoc Appointments: 5 faculty + faculty vice chair
Description Evaluate applicants for postdoc appointments. May include some online meetings over Thanksgiving weekend or winter break.
Workload Heavy during Nov-Feb. 
Preliminary Exam: 5 faculty
Description Write and grade the prelim exam. (A separate ad hoc committee is considering reforming or eliminating the prelim exam requirement, and the prelim exam committee will be invited to advise on this.)
Workload 40 hours for chair; 20 hours for other members.
Prizes: 3 faculty
Description Select students for departmental prizes, including the Alexander, Goldberg-Ribet, and Friedman Prizes. Seek nominations and recommendations, purchase some prizes, present prizes.
Workload 30 hours total in second half of Spring semester
Schedule: 1 faculty
Description Schedule classes, and handle necessary changes to the teaching schedule. Cooperate with section representatives and staff, and consult with the Department Chair in special situations.
Workload 50+ hours
Teaching: 4 faculty
Description Peer-review teaching of junior faculty, lecturers, and postdocs. Write some teaching letters and lecturer evaluations.
Workload 10-20 hours per member
Website: 2 faculty
Description Consider improvements to the design and content of the department website.
Workload TBD