Meet the members of the Math Department Undergraduate Advising Team!

Staff Advisors

(Note: For questions about registration in Math courses, please email enrollment [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu, not one of the Staff Advisors.)

Thomas Brown
Undergraduate Advisor, Last Names A-L*

965 Evans Hall
thomasbrown [at] berkeley [dot] edu
+1 (510) 643-9292
Drop-In Advising:  Mon – Fri 10 AM-Noon & 1-3 PM
Advising Appointments:  Mon - Fri 3-5 PM.  To book an appointment:


Ana Renteria
Undergraduate Advisor, Last Names M-Z*

964 Evans Hall
ana [dot] renteria26 [at] berkeley [dot] edu
+1 (510) 643-4148
Drop-In Advising: Mon – Fri 9 AM-Noon & 3-4 PM
Advising Appointments: Mon - Fri 1-3 PM.  To book an appointment:


*For questions about your progress in the major, what courses you are using for major requirements, and/or your major GPA please contact Thomas if your last name begins with A-L or Ana if your last name begins with M-Z.  For general advising you may see either Ana or Thomas. Please use e-mail only for quick questions and not for in-depth advising. (For in-depth advising, please make an appointment with Ana or Thomas.)


Students should see a Staff Advisor in 964 or 965 Evans Hall when they are ready to declare the major in Math, Applied Mathematics, or Mathematics with a Concentration in Teaching. Information on declaration procedures and eligibility to declare the major can be found here. The Staff Advisors in 964 and 965 Evans Hall also provide information on requirements, policies, procedures, resources, opportunities, untying bureaucratic knots, developing study plans, attending commencement, certifying degrees and minors. The student is strongly encouraged to see one of the Undergraduate Advisors as soon as problems arise. 


Faculty Advisors


Students are assigned a faculty advisor when they see a staff advisor to declare the major in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Mathematics with a Concentration in Teaching.


The current Faculty advisor office hour list


The faculty advisor counsels students on the academic content of the Math or Applied Math major programs. The Faculty Advisor's signature is required to confirming approval of courses that are not already pre-approved to be used for the major electives. Appropriate questions for the faculty advisor include selection of electives and preparation for graduate-level courses in a specific mathematical area. Be sure and let him/her know if you are considering graduate work in or related to mathematics, and solicit help in how best to prepare.


Peer Advisors


All peer advising office hours are held in 961 Evans Hall.   The Peer Advisors also have a blog, which can be found at


Fall 2017 Office Hour Schedule (chronological order)

Mondays: 12-1 PM (Wan), 1-2 PM (Mike), 2-3 PM (Winnie)
Tuesdays: 9:30-11 AM (Lakshmi), 11-12 PM (Wan)
Wednesdays: 10-11 AM (Eleanor), 12-1 PM (Rose), 1-2 PM (Mike) 
Thursdays: 9-10 AM (Winnie), 10-12 (Adam), 2-3 PM (Lakshmi) 
Fridays: 12-1 PM (Rose), 2-3 PM (Eleanor)


Adam Kurkjian
Peer Advisor

Fall 2017 Office Hours: Thursdays 10AM - 12PM in 961 Evans
Completed Math Courses: 1A, 1B, 53, 54, 55, 104, 113
Other Technical Courses: Econ 141
In Progress Courses: Math 110
Message from Adam: "I'm a senior double majoring in Applied Math and Econ. I'm a local, having spent my whole life in the Bay Area. I'm focusing on a profession in actuarial science and I'm preparing to take my first exam this upcoming summer. In my free time I play music with my band, even though we're not very good we love to play."


Eleanor McSpirit
Peer Advisor

Fall 2017 Office Hours: Wednesdays 10-11AM and Fridays 2-3PM in 961 Evans
Completed Math Courses: 54, 55, 110
In Progress Courses: Math 104, Math 113
Message from Eleanor: "I am a second year majoring in both Mathematics and Women’s Studies! I am quite active on campus with political issues and food justice, and like to think I offer a unique perspective on the math department and pursuing math in general, and am super enthusiastic about helping people that are passionate about math. I am originally from Colorado, so I like to spend most of my free time getting outside. If you’re looking for someone to philosophize about math and the world writ large with, I’m your gal!"


Lakshmi Ramesh
Peer Advisor

Fall 2017 Office Hours: Tuesdays 9:30-11AM and Thursdays 2-3PM
Completed Math Courses: 1A, 53, 54, 55, 113, 172
Other Technical Courses: Stat 133, Stat 134, IEOR 162
In Progress Courses: Math 110, IEOR 130, IEOR 151
Message from Lakshmi: "Hi! I am a rising junior majoring in Math and Dance & Performance Studies, with a minor in Industrial Engineering. As you can assume, I spend most of my time doing math and dancing, and when I'm not focusing on schoolwork I enjoy running, hiking, and being an active member of the greek community! After graduation, I hope to pursue a postgraduate degree in pure mathematics. I would love to get to know you, so come by and say hi!"


Mike Jin
Peer Advisor

Fall 2017 Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 1-2PM in 961 Evans
Completed Math Courses: 53, 54, 55, 110, 113
Other Technical Courses: CS 61A, Stat 20, 133, 134
In Progress Courses: Math 104, 128A, CS 61B
Message from Mike: "I am a third year Applied Math Major with a concentration in Data Science. I am interested in data analysis, mathematical computations, and any challenging and interesting math related issues. I am also a travel enthusiast, an amateur painter, and a very unprofessional photographer."


Rose Zhang
Peer Advisor

Fall 2017 Office Hours:  Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-1 PM in 961 Evans 
Completed Math Courses: 53, 54, 55, 104, 110, 113, 114, 115, 135, 136, 141, 142, 160, 172, 185, 191, 202A, 202B
In Progress Courses: Math 222A, 250A
Message from Rose: "I am a fourth year student majoring in Mathematics. I spend much time dealing with math, but I also enjoy reading, cooking, calligraphing, and learning new languages (especially natural ones). After graduation, I plan to continue my study in maths; and that's partly why I have some experience in standardized test preparation. I look forward to being a peer advisor, so please feel free to come by if you have any question or concern, or just want to talk."


Wan Liu
Peer Advisor

Fall 2017 Office Hours: Mondays 12-1PM and Tuesdays 11-12PM in 961 Evans
Completed Math Courses: 1A, 1B, 53, 54, 55, 110, 113, 128A
Other Technical Courses: Stat 134
In Progress Courses: Math 104, UGBA 103, Econ 141, Stats 155
Message from Wan: "Hello I'm a senior Applied Math major with an interest in Actuarial Science. In the very beginning I was an Arts major but eventually fascinated with math. I've been doing advising-related work for a few years. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, reading detective novels, and photographing. I look forward to listening to your story and helping you out in the future. Please feel free to come by with any concerns."


Winnie Yan
Peer Advisor

Fall 2017 Office Hours: Mondays 2-3PM and Thursdays 9-10AM
Completed Math Courses: 53, 54, 55, 110
Other Technical Courses: Engineering 120, IEOR 162, Stats 133, 134
In Progress Courses: Math 128A, CS 8, IEOR 130
Message from Winnie: "Hello! My name is Winnie and I'm a junior. I'm majoring in Applied Math and minoring in IEOR. I'm interested in pursuing a career in data science. Outside of school, I enjoy running, traveling around the world, and learning about different cultures."