Financial Aid

Financial support from the University is available on a competitive basis to entering graduate students in the form of Fellowships, Graduate Student Instructorships, Graduate Student Researchships, Readerships, and University Financial Aid. The Department pledges incoming PhD students sufficient financial support so that they have funding for at least 5 years of graduate study at Berkeley, subject to the student making good progress toward the degree and satisfactory performance of all teaching duties.

For entering PhD students without outside support, the Department normally covers all fees and nonresident tuition during the first year of study. Nonresident tuition will be covered for up to 3 additional semesters for PhD students making good progress who are ineligible to become California residents. Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to establish California residency after one year in the state and should plan to do so. The Department lacks the resources to cover their nonresident tuition for longer than one year. Students will receive advice on how to qualify for residency. The Graduate Division Fellowship Office requests that all domestic students submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This information is for use only by the Fellowship Office to allow for the use of need-based funds. Please note: as graduate students you do not need to include parental information. Prior to receiving a stipend or being hired as a Graduate Student Instructor or a Graduate Student Researcher an international student must have a Social Security number. 


The procedures and deadline for applying for University of California fellowships are described in the application for admission. Because the number of such fellowships is small, applicants are also strongly encouraged to apply for other fellowships, such as the National Science Foundation fellowships. In past years, many strong students have missed the opportunity to get one of these fellowships by not applying. Fellowship applicants are expected to supply information on their financial status.

Graduate Student Instructor Positions

The Department has a number of half-time Graduate Students Instructorships (GSI's) for which graduate students may apply. The workload usually averages between 14 and 16 hours per week.

New GSIs are required to enroll in Mathematics 375 (Teaching Workshop) for one semester, during their first term holding the teaching position. The class meets for 2 hours per week, about 8 times during the semester. The University requires that prospective international Graduate Student Instructors demonstrate proficiency in spoken English before they begin teaching. 

Graduate Student Research Positions

A number of positions as Graduate Student Researchers are also available. These are funded by the grants of individual faculty members, and most are reserved for students who have been advanced to candidacy.

Readership Positions

A limited amount of support may be earned as a Reader.

Tutor Positions

Some graduate students earn money as tutors. The Department maintains a tutor registry on a semester basis, which is available to students desiring help. Tutors make their own arrangements with the students. See staff in 970 Evans for more information.