Jerrold E. Marsden

JOB TITLE: Professor Emeritus

UC In Memoriam biography

RESEARCH AREA: Applied Mathematics

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Mechanics, Applied dynamics, Control theory


  1. Hernán Cendra, Jerrold Marsden, and Tudor S. Ratiu. Cocycles, compatibility, and Poisson brackets for complex fluids. In Advances in multifield theories for continua with substructure, Model. Simul. Sci. Eng. Technol., pages 51-73. Birkhäuser Boston, Boston, MA, 2004.
  2. R. C. Fetecau, J. E. Marsden, M. Ortiz, and M. West. Nonsmooth Lagrangian mechanics and variational collision integrators. SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst., 2(3):381-416, 2003.
  3. Sanjay Lall, Petr Krysl, and Jerrold E. Marsden. Structure-preserving model reduction for mechanical systems. Phys. D, 184(1-4):304-318, 2003. Complexity and nonlinearity in physical systems (Tucson, AZ, 2001).
  4. Dong Eui Chang and Jerrold E. Marsden. Gyroscopic forces and collision avoidance with convex obstacles. In New trends in nonlinear dynamics and control, and their applications, volume 295 of Lecture Notes in Control and Inform. Sci., pages 145-159. Springer, Berlin, 2003.
  5. Alexey Tret'yakov and Jerrold E. Marsden. Factor-analysis of nonlinear mappings: p-regularity theory. Commun. Pure Appl. Anal., 2(4):425-445, 2003.

Jerrold E. Marsden