Stephen P.L. Diliberto

Professor Emeritus
Primary Research Area: 
Mathematical Analysis
Primary Research Area: 
Applied Mathematics
Research Interests: 
Ordinary differential equations, Celestial mechanics
Contact Information
839 Evans Hall
dliberto [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Year Appointed: 
Selected Publications: 
  1. Diliberto, Stephen P. (1972). A new technique for proving the existence of analytic functions. In Ordinary differential equations (Proc. Conf., Math. Res. Center, Naval Res. Lab., Washington, D. C., 1971) 71-81 Academic Press New York. [MR] [GS?]
  2. Diliberto, S. P. (1969). Qualitative behavior for classical dynamical systems. In Advances in differential and integral equations (Conf. Qualitative Theory of Nonlinear Differential and Integral Equations, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1968; in memoriam Rudolph E. Langer (1894-1968)) 105-113. Studies in Appl. Math., No. 5 Soc. Indust. Appl. Math., Philadelphia, Pa. [MR] [GS?]
  3. Diliberto, Stephen P. (1969). Application of periodic surfaces to a special class of problems. J. Differential Equations 6 40-49. [MR] [GS?]
  4. Diliberto, Stephen P. (1968). Scale factors for periodic surfaces. SIAM J. Appl. Math. 16 1119-1122. [MR] [GS?]
  5. Diliberto, Stephen P. (1967). New results on periodic surfaces and the averaging principle. In Proc. U.S.-Japan Seminar on Differential and Functional Equations (Minneapolis, Minn., 1967) 49-87 Benjamin, New York. [MR] [GS?]