Departmental Officers and Committees

Department Chair Contact Info

Chair, Michael Hutchings 953 Evans Hall, 642-4129, chair [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu (personal office info is displayed below).


923 Evans Hall
hutching [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
+1 (510) 642-4329

Equity Advisor

815 Evans Hall
nadler [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu

Vice-Chair for Faculty Affairs

903 Evans Hall
teleman [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Vice-Chair for Graduate Affairs

901 Evans Hall
sug [dot] woo [dot] shin [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Vice-Chair for Undergraduate Affairs

1081 Evans Hall
persson [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Current Committee Assignments

Committees Committee Members

Academic Community

Zworski, Christ (F)
Colloquium Holtz (F), Ribet (S)
Curriculum Lott, Persson
Development and Newsletter Srivastava (F), Olsson
Distinguished Lectures
Voiculescu, Frenkel, Givental
Equity and Inclusion Nadler, Aganagic, S. Evans, Scanlon (F), Slaman, Michaelsen [grad], Coca [staff]
Faculty Advancement
Hutchings, Agol, Corteel (F), Rezakhanlou
Faculty Appointments
Teleman, Lott, Olsson, Serganova, Sethian, Slaman, Tataru
Graduate Admissions
Shin, Hammond, Harrison, Lin, Sturmfels, Sun, Wodzicki, Zhang
Graduate Advising
Shin,Gu, Oh, Scanlon (F), Wehrheim
Head Major Advisor
Library Representative
S. Evans
Gu, Holtz, Tataru                                                       
Givental, Agol, Eisenbud, Sethian
Non-major Advisor
Haiman (F), Oh (S)
Online instruction
Persson, Vojta
Photographer Montalban, Bergman
Postdoc Appointments Teleman,  Canic, Sun, Zworski
Preliminary Exam Borcherds, Serganova, Vojta, Wodzicki
Prizes Frenkel , Canic, Harrison, Voiculescu
Schedule Rezakhanlou, Montalban
Teaching Christ (F), Demmel (S), Bamler
Website Bamler, Bergman, Haiman (F), Demmel (S)

*Note: Chairs are in bold print, (F) = Fall Semester, (S) = Spring Semester

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