Michele Schiavina

SNSF Postdoc
Curriculum Vitae: 
Primary Research Area: 
Additional Research Areas: 
Applied Mathematics
Research Interests: 
Mathematical Physics, Field Theory, Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity
Contact Information
887 Evans Hall
michele [dot] schiavina [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Year Appointed: 
Selected Publications: 

The reduced phase space of Palatini-Cartan-Holst theory
with A.S. Cattaneo, arXiv:1707.05351 (2017)


BV-BFV approach to General Relativity: Palatini-Cartan-Holst action
with A.S. Cattaneo, arXiv:1707.06328 (2017)


BV equivalence between triadic gravity and BF theory in three dimensions
with A.S. Cattaneo and I. Selliah, arXiv:1707.07764 (2017)


On Time
with A.S. Cattaneo, Lett Math Phys 107 (2) 375-408 (2017).

BV-BFV approch to General Relativity: Einstein Hilbert action

with A.S. Cattaneo, J. Math. Phys. 57, 023515 (2016).


On the geometry of mixed states and the Fisher information tensor
with I. Contreras and E. Ercolessi, J. Math. Phys. 57, 062209 (2016).


A general construction for monoid-based knapsack protocols
with G. Micheli, Advances in Mathematics of Communications 8 (3), 343-358 (2014).


Symmetric logarithmic derivative for general n-level systems and the quantum Fisher information tensor for three level systems
with E. Ercolessi, Physics Letters A 377 (34-36), 1996–2002 (2013).


Geometry of mixed states for a q-bit and the quantum Fisher information tensor
with E. Ercolessi, Journal of Physics A45 (36), 365303 (2012).