Enrollment Guidelines

Please note:

For availability updates and a link to the policies for undergraduate enrollment in departmental graduate courses, please see https://math.berkeley.edu/courses/enrollment/enrollment-updates



To sign up for a Math class:

  1. Add the class through CalCentral.
  2. In signing up for a lower-division math class, or an upper-division class with discussion sections, you must sign up for both the lecture and one of the corresponding discussion sections. 
  3. If you cannot immediately add a class, you should try to put yourself on the waitlist. (Or in the case of lower-division classes which do not have waiting lists, please email enrollment [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu to let us know if you are interested in adding a class which is full, since we will try to add more discussion sections if we are able to do so.)
  4. Avoid adding a class or section you know ahead of time that you will not be able to attend; you might not be able to switch to another section that does work with your schedule later.
  5. Wait lists (for those classes that have them) are processed automatically by CalCentral, not by the department. 

See here for a complete "Cal Central Enrollment Guide for Students".

The good news: We do see about 10% of students enrolled at the start of instruction drop the class, so it is possible to enroll in a class that is closed near the beginning of term. You should attend class and discussion section from day one, turn in homework, etc., if you intend to enroll in the class should space opens up.


To Switch Discussion Sections:
If you are enrolled in a course and need to switch discussion sections:  If there is space in a discussion section (that is, if the number of enrolled students is lower than the enrollment limit for that discussion) you can switch into it yourself by going to Cal Central, clicking on "My Academics", going to the Class Enrollment card on the bottom right, and clicking on the "Options" link within the "Class Adjustment" section.  Select the course from the Drop-down menu.   Discussion sections which have space will be represented by a green circle.  You might have to click "View All" to view the complete list of discussion sections.     
(A caveat!:  If you try to switch your discussion section to a full section and the course has a waiting list Cal Central will move you from enrolled to waitlisted for the course.)
Using the “Options” link is better than dropping and trying to re-add the class, especially if the class is impacted.

If you wish to switch discussion sections and the semester has already begun it is also a good idea to check-in with your old and new Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) to make sure that any scores you have already received can be transferred to the new GSI.