Spring 2020 Colloquium

The colloquium meets Thursdays at 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm in 60 Evans Hall. We will have at least two talks every month. Lectures last 50 minutes and are followed by a short question period. The mathematical public is cordially invited to attend.

Ken Ribet, Colloquium Chair

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title
January 23 special MSRI-sponsored event with Jennifer Doudna in Sibley Auditorium  How CRISPR genome editing technology is changing the future of humanity
January 30 Dan Freed, University of Texas, Austin  Two applications of topology to condensed matter physics
February 6 Alex Smith, Harvard University  $2^k$-Selmer groups and Goldfeld's conjecture
February 13 Scott Morrison, Australian National University Interactive Theorem Proving 
February 20 Sung-Jin Oh, UC Berkeley
 On the Hall MagnetoHydroDynamics
February 27 Emily Clader, San Francisco State University The Moduli Space of Curves and its Tautological Ring 
March 5 Kristin Lauter, Microsoft Research Private AI: Machine Learning on Encrypted Data
March 12 (Canceled) Alexander Volberg, Michigan State University Geometric Measure Theory and the fine structure of harmonic measure 
March 19 (Canceled) Karl Rubin, UC Irvine Some new conjectures about abelian points on elliptic curves
March 26 Spring Break (no colloquium)  
April 2 Bowen lecture (no colloquium)  
April 9 Julia Pevtsova, University of Washington  
April 16 Martin Olsson, UC Berkeley  
April 23 Dimitar Jetchev, inpher and EPLF  
April 30 Ignacio Cirac, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics  
May 7 Emily Riehl, Johns Hopkins University