Spring 2014 Colloquium

The colloquium meets Thursdays at 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm in 60 Evans Hall. We will have at least two talks every month. Lectures last 50 minutes and are followed by a short question period. The mathematical public is cordially invited to attend.

Nicolai Reshetikhin, Colloquium Chair

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
Jan 23 - at 3:10pm  
Jan 23 - at 4:10pm  
Jan 30 Bjorn Poonen, MIT Undecidability in number theory - (1st Colloquium is the Serge Lang Undergraduate Lecture)
Feb 6 Richard Bamler, Stanford University Long-time behavior of Ricci flows and construction of Einstein metrics
Feb 20 Charles L. Epstein, University of Pennsylvania Degenerate Diffusions arising in Population Genetics
Feb 27  
Mar 6  Bowen Lectures

Mar 13  Allen Knutson, Cornell University
Geometric reasons to associate juggling patterns to matrices
Mar 20  Alvaro Pelayo, Washington University in St. Louis Symplectic and spectral geometry of integrable systems
Mar 27  Spring Break

Apr 3  Mike Steel, U. of Canterbury, NZ
Tractable models for some discrete random processes arising in evolutionary biology
Apr 10  Dan Freed, U. of Texas at Austin
Chern-Weil forms and abstract homotopy theory
Apr 17  F. Alberto Grünbaum, UC Berkeley Some non-commutative matrix algebras arising in the bispectral problem
Apr 24 Max Karoubi, Institute de Mathematique de Jussieu, Paris Hermitian K-theory invariants in real Algebraic Geometry
May 1 June Huh, University of Michigan Homology classes in algebraic varieties: nef, effective, and prime
May 8 Jorgen Andersen, Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces, University of Aarhus, Denmark Understanding the geometry of moduli spaces via curves on surfaces
May 15  
May 22