Spring 2011 Colloquium

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
January 20 Rachel Ward, Courant Institute, New York University Fast dimensionality reduction: improved bounds and implications for compressed sensing/td>
January 27 Vladimir Rokhlin, Yale University A randomized approximate nearest neighbors algorithm
February 3 Bjorn Poonen, MIT x2 + y3 = z7
February 10, 159 Mulford Hall Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard University String theory and the geometry of the universe's hidden dimensions (Expository lecture)
February 17 John Ball, Oxford University The de Gennes theory of liquid crystals
February 24 Jenny Harrison, UC Berkeley Has Plateau's Problem been solved?
March 3 Keith Conrad, University of Connecticut and UC Berkeley Why do we care about the Riemann Hypothesis?
March 10 Kari Vilonen, Northwestern University The microlocal codimension-three conjecture
March 17 Vaughan Jones, UC Berkeley Random matrices, von Neumann algebras and (2+1)-dimensional topological quantum field theories
March 31 Hendrik Lenstra, Universiteit Leiden Modelling finite fields/td>
April 21 Ehud Hrushovski, Hebrew University Finite approximations of infinite structures
April 28 Andrew Granville, University of Montreal Patterns in the primes