Fall 2011 Colloquium

The colloquium meets Thursdays at 4:10 pm in 60 Evans Hall. We will have at least two talks every month. Lectures last 50 minutes and are followed by a short question period. The mathematical public is cordially invited to attend.

Olga Holtz, Colloquium Chair

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
Sep. 1 Alan Weinstein, UC Berkeley Symplectic and Quantum Categories
Sep. 8 Peter Scholze, Universität Bonn Perfectoid Spaces
Sep. 15 Per-Olof Persson, UC Berkeley High-Order Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws
Sep. 22 Pierre Colmez, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu The p-adic local Langlands correspondence for GL2(Qp)
Sep. 29 Ronny Hadani, University of Texas at Austin Representation theoretic patterns in three dimensional cryo-electron microscopy
Oct. 6 Shmuel Weinberger, University of Chicago Disordered Solids and the dynamics of manifolds of bounded geometry
Oct. 13 Efim Zelmanov, UC San Diego Asymptotic properties of finite groups
Oct. 20 Avi Wigderson, IAS The power and weakness of randomness (when you are short on time)
Oct. 27 Almut Burchard, University of Toronto Gradient flow methods for thin film and related higher
order equations
Nov. 3 Karen Vogtmann, Cornell University Hairy graphs, modular forms and automorphism groups of free groups
Nov. 10 Ken Ono, UW-Madison and Emory University The legacy of Ramanujan's mock theta functions: Harmonic Maass forms in number theory
Nov. 17 Lauren Williams, UC Berkeley Combinatorics of shallow water waves
Dec. 2 Alan Sokal, NYU (note unusual day of the week) Some wonderful conjectures (but very few theorems) at the boundary between analysis, combinatorics and probability