Fall 2010 Colloquium

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title
September 3, 3:10-4 pm, 740 Evans Alberto S. Cattaneo, ETH Zurich Classical and perturbative topological field theories with boundary
September 16 Edward Frenkel, UC Berkeley Geometrization of trace formulas
September 23 Wieslawa Niziol, University of Utah Periods of p-adic differential forms
September 30 Gunther Uhlmann, University of Washington and MSRI Cloaking and transformation optics
October 7 David Nadler, Northwestern University A trinity of quantizations
October 14 Matthew Baker, Georgia Institute of Technology Complex dynamics and adelic potential theory
October 21 Alexandre Chorin, UC Berkeley Solving uncertain equations with uncertain data
October 28 Michael J. Hopkins, Harvard University Bowen Lecture
November 4 Joyce McLaughlin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Biomechanical imaging in tissue - Using time dependent data
November 18 Lior Pachter, UC Berkeley Mathematics for interpreting your genome
December 2 Mihai Putinar, UC Santa Barbara Quillen's phenomenon on pseudoconvex boundaries