Graduate Student Instructor & Reader Openings


The GSI & Reader Application for Spring 2023 is closed. We will notify all applicants of our decision by the end of November. Our Summer 2023 application will open in March. 


Please review the information below if you are interested in applying for a position in the future.

For GSI Applicants

We appoint qualified graduate students from other departments to 50% GSI positions. Please only apply if you are interested in a 50% GSI position.


To be qualified, students must have a strong background in mathematics (i.e. ave taken multiple advanced math courses as an undergraduate or graduate student) and have received high grades in relevant coursework (ideally A- or higher). We strongly prefer applicants with prior teaching experience at Berkeley. In addition, GSIs must also meet the following criteria: be a registered graduate student enrolled in at least 12 units and possess an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher.


In addition, the University requires the following of all first-time UGSIs/GSIs:

- Enrollment in a 300 level Pedagogy course (our department offers Math 375)
- Participation in the Teaching Conference for GSIs, held before the start of every fall and spring semester
- Attendance at the UAW Orientation
- Completion of the online course Professional Standards and Ethics for GSIs
- International students must provide proof that they have met the University's spoken English proficiency requirement and must also attend the a Teaching Conference for International First-time GSIsheld before the start of every fall and spring semester


Undergraduate students may be appointed as Undergraduate Student Instructors (UGSIs) by exception only. Exceptions may be approved only if we are not able to recruit any qualified graduate students. For UGSIs, we require the following qualifications in addition to the above criteria:

- Have previously taken the course, its equivalent, or a more advanced course at Berkeley with a grade of A- or better
- Upper Division status when you begin teaching
- Preferred, but not required: prior teaching, grading, or tutoring experience


If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to apply:


Please note the following when submitting the GSI application:

  • For "hours per week", put 20 for a regular 50% GSI position or 30 if you are willing to go up to 75%. 
  • Use the “additional information” box to include any and all information that can help us determine your qualifications to teach (e.g. prior teaching experience, math background, etc.) You can also include more information on your preferences (e.g. your top choice course, preferred section days and times, preferred instructors etc.)
  • For "Class Assignment Preferences'', please select at least 1-2 classes in each category (high, medium, low). Most GSIs will be placed in lower division classes, so please include those in your preferences.


Check out the Spring 2023 GSI Positions sheet for more course details like the instructor, lecture time, and section schedule. You can also review the lower-division course outlines to determine your preparation for each course. 


For Reader Applicants

In order to be eligible to be a reader, applicants must meet the following requirements:

- Have taken the course (or an equivalent course) and received a B+ or higher. 
- Have at least a 3.3 GPA
- Have no more than two Incomplete grades.
- Be in good academic standing.
- Be enrolled in at least twelve units of course work during the semester in which they are serving.
- Attend the New ASE Orientation, if this appointment is your first ASE assignment.


Reader positions pay $17.03/hour and the workload is typically 3-8 hours a week. 


If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to apply:


Please note, math reader positions are generally not eligible for fee remission. If you are graduate student looking for an appointment with fee remission, you should apply to a 50% GSI position. 


If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email asehiring-math [at] berkeley [dot] edu.