Graduate Student Instructor Openings



***The priority deadline for applications was Tuesday, October 23. We received many applications and it is unlikely we will have additional needs or consider late applications. Please keep an eye out for information about Summer 2019 GSI positions in the spring.***


The Department of Mathematics appoints qualified graduate students from other departments to GSI positions. Please note that while your preferences are considered, offers are made based upon open sections.  

To be eligible to serve as a GSI in Math for Spring 2019, a graduate student must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

-- Be a registered graduate student for Spring 2019
-- Be enrolled in minimum of 12 units
-- Have strong undergraduate or graduate Mathematics preparation
-- Possess an overall GPA of 3.1 or higher

In addition, the University requires the following of all first-time UGSIs/GSIs:
-- Enrollment in a 300 (Pedagogy) course (Math 375).
-- Spring 2019 Teaching Conference for GSIs scheduled for FridayJanuary 18, from 8am-4pm 
-- UAW Orientation
-- Completion of the online course Professional Standards and Ethics for GSIs
-- International students must provide proof that they have met the University's spoken English proficiency requirement.

UC Berkeley graduate students from outside the Math Department who wish to apply for Spring 2019 Math GSI positions must complete this survey. Additionally, if you haven't previously served as a GSI for the Math Department, please email the following documents preferably in the form of a single PDF file with subject heading "GSI Application Materials" to Christine Tobolski at ctobolski [at] berkeley [dot] edu:

--Current CV/resume

--Copies of transcripts of previous college work (especially the transcripts listing Math courses taken and grades received)