Graduate Student Instructor Openings



Deadlines (subject to change based on campus hiring deadlines)

   Fall Semesters: May 1   |   Spring Semesters: October 15


The Department of Mathematics appoints qualified graduate students from other departments to GSI positions. To be eligible to serve as a GSI in Math, a graduate student must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

-- Be a registered graduate student for the semester in which they would like to teach
-- Be enrolled in minimum of 12 units
-- Have strong undergraduate or graduate Mathematics preparation (applicants with grades lower than B for related coursework will not be considered)
-- Possess an overall GPA of 3.1 or higher


In addition, the University requires the following of all first-time UGSIs/GSIs:

-- Enrollment in a 300 level Pedagogy course (our department offers Math 375)
-- Participation in the Teaching Conference for GSIs, held before the start of every fall and spring semester.
-- Attendance at the UAW Orientation
-- Completion of the online course Professional Standards and Ethics for GSIs
-- International students must provide proof that they have met the University's spoken English proficiency requirement and must also attend the a Teaching Conference for International First-time GSIsheld before the start of every fall and spring semester.


The Fall 2020 application cycle is now closed and all positions have been filled. Should any positions become available they will be posted here.

 Please keep an eye out for information about Spring 2021 GSI positions in the fall.


Students interested in serving in Reader positions should contact Marsha Snow at snow [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu.