Graduate Student Instructor & Reader Openings



We have finished hiring for Fall 2022. The GSI & Reader Application for Spring 2023 will open in mid-October. Please check this website for updates. 


Please note the following when submitting the GSI application:

  • For "hours per week", put 20 for a regular 50% GSI position or 30 if you are willing to go up to 75%.
  • Use the “additional information” box to include any and all information that can help us determine your preferences and qualifications.
  • Complete the "Experience" section and list all GSI positions you've held.
  • For "Class Assignment Preferences'', please select at least 1-2 classes in each category (high, medium, low). Most GSIs will be placed in lower division classes, so please include those in your preferences. The few upper-division positions we have will go to our most experienced GSIs.

Resources to review when applying for a GSI position:

Please email asehiring-math [at] berkeley [dot] edu with questions. 


The Department of Mathematics appoints qualified graduate students from other departments to GSI positions. To be eligible to serve as a GSI in Math, a graduate student must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

-- Be a registered graduate student for the semester in which they would like to teach
-- Be enrolled in minimum of 12 units
-- Have strong undergraduate or graduate Mathematics preparation (applicants with grades lower than B for related coursework will not be considered)
-- Possess an overall GPA of 3.1 or higher


In addition, the University requires the following of all first-time UGSIs/GSIs:

-- Enrollment in a 300 level Pedagogy course (our department offers Math 375)
-- Participation in the Teaching Conference for GSIs, held before the start of every fall and spring semester.
-- Attendance at the UAW Orientation
-- Completion of the online course Professional Standards and Ethics for GSIs
-- International students must provide proof that they have met the University's spoken English proficiency requirement and must also attend the a Teaching Conference for International First-time GSIsheld before the start of every fall and spring semester.