Topics in Enumerative Algebraic Geometry

These are lecture notes on Gromov-Witten theory based on the topics cource I taught at UC Berkeley in 1997. The notes were typeset by the students and generously shared with the others. Yet the notes are unedited - so use at your own risk!
Lecture 1 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 2 (ps) (pdf)
Lectures 3-4 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 5 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 6 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 7 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 8 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 9 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 10 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 11 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 12 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 13 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 14 (ps) (pdf)
Lectures 15-16 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 17 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 18 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 19 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 20 (ps) (pdf)
Lectures 21-22 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 23 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 24 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 25 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 26 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 27 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 28 (ps) (pdf)
Lecture 29 (ps) (pdf)