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News & Announcements

Lie Theory Workshop in Honor of Alan Huckleberry on February 25-26, 2017
Fall 2016 Quantitative Reasoning Exam will be Wed. August 24th from 5-6:30PM in 939 Evans Hall
Congratulations to Mina Aganagic for being selected as a 2016 Simons Investigator.
Math major Kaavya Valiveti was just named the 2016 University Medalist!
Congratulations to our colleagues Ian Agol and Steve Evans on their election to the National Academy of Sciences.

Today's Events

Combinatorics Seminar: Model theory, finite VC-dimension and the strong Erdős-Hajnal property
Differential Geometry Seminar: Mean Curvature Flow of Reifenberg Sets
Probabilistic Operator Algebra Seminar: Free analysis on weighted graphs
String-Math Seminar: q-deformed W-algebras, Ext operators and the AGT-W relations
Student Differential Geometry/Low-Dimensional Topology Seminar: Geodesic Laminations on Surfaces
Special Seminar in Arithmetic Geometry: Lifting the Cartier transform of Ogus-Vologodsky modulo $p^n$ (following H. Oyama, A. Shiho, and D. Xu)
Analysis and PDE Seminar: Minimization problems on non-scattering solutions to NLS equation
Student Symplectic Field Theory Seminar: Cobordisms in SFT motivation and setup
Undergraduate Lecture Series (Math Monday): The Global Attractor Conjecture