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News & Announcements

Vera Serganova elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations!
Kathryn Mann won 2016 Mary Ellen Rudin Award. Congratulations!
Spring 2017 Chern-Simons Lectures: Ivan Corwin, Columbia University, April 3-7
Kenneth Ribet awarded the 2017 Brouwer Medal. Congratulations!
Lin Lin awarded 2017 SIAM CSE Early Career Prize. Congratulations!

Today's Events

Matrix Computations and Scientific Computing Seminar: Randomized Complete Pivoting for Solving Symmetric Indefinite Linear Systems
$K$-theory seminar: The Chern character in twisted $K$-theory
Topology Seminar (Introductory Talk): Symmetric unions without crossing changes
Random walk driven by two-dimensional discrete Gaussian free field
Applied Mathematics Seminar: Uncertainty Quantification in the Classification of High Dimensional Data
Topology Seminar (Main Talk): Cosmetic crossing changes
Applied Algebra Seminar: Low Complexity (RADAR) Channel Estimation