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As a reminder, all members of our campus community, including invited guests, that will be coming onto campus, even briefly, must:
  1. Comply with University of California COVID-19 Vaccine Policy;
  2. Get tested in accordance with campus surveillance testing requirements;
  3. Comply with all posted signage and requirements to not enter facilities if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19;
  4. Comply with current face-covering requirements;
  5. and for all employees (i.e. Staff, Faculty, ASEs, etc.), complete required COVID Prevention Training.


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News & Announcements

Congratulations to our faculty who will be Invited Speakers at the 2022 International Congress of Mathematicians
Fall 2021 Quantitative Reasoning Exam will be held Wed. Aug. 25th from 5-6:30PM in 939 Evans Hall
Congratulations to Professor Lin Lin for receiving a Simons Investigator award
Please join us in celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month.
We are very sad to announce that Dr. Alfonso Gracia-Saz, who received his PhD from our department in 2006, passed away.

Today's Events

Probabilistic Operator Algebra seminar: Strong 1-boundedness for von Neumann algebras with property T
Combinatorics Seminar: Hessenberg varieties and the Stanley–Stembridge conjecture
Berkeley String-Math Seminar: Knot homologies from Mirror Symmetry, Part III
Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory RTG Seminar: Effective Sato-Tate under GRH
Differential Geometry Seminar: Stable minimal hypersurfaces in R^4
Analysis and PDE Seminar: Global dynamics around 2-solitons for the nonlinear damped Klein-Gordon equation