Math 1b-- Good Luck Studying!

If you are just getting started, a good place to look is the discussion syllabus . My office hours are 3-4 Mondays, and 11-12 on Tuesdays.
Problems to Present
An "x" under the date means that the problem has been taken for this week.
Date Problems to Present Sec. 214 #1 Sec. 214 #2 Sec. 214 #3 Sec. 207 #1 Sec. 207 #2 Sec. 207 #3
7/13 .pdf .tex X XX X
7/20 .pdf .tex X X
7/27 .pdf .tex X
10/4 .pdf .tex X
10/11 .pdf .tex X
10/25 .pdf .tex XX X
11/ 8 .pdf .tex X X
11/27 .pdf .tex
Some Extra Notes
Here are some notes that I typed up for the class

August 30: A review of the limit problem covered in discussion .pdf .tex

September 4: Additional Review Problems and Solutions from discussion .pdf .tex

September 6: Integration by parts .pdf .tex

September 11: Partial Fraction Decomposition .pdf .tex

September 20: A proof of continuity .pdf .tex

September 25: Solution for the Asteroid .pdf .tex

October 16: Practice Midterm Problems .pdf .tex

October 29: Practice Power Series Problems .pdf .tex

November 13: Practice Midterm Problems .pdf .tex

December 10: Practice Final Problems .pdf .tex

Here are some quizzes and Their Solutions

Integration by parts and Trig Substitution .pdf .tex

Simpson's rule and Partial Fraction decomp .pdf .tex

Improper Integrals, Arclength, Surface Area .pdf .tex

Pressure, Probability, Sequences and Series .pdf .tex

Sequences, Series and more Sequences .pdf .tex

Many Power Series .pdf .tex

Taylor Series .pdf .tex

Differential Equations 1 .pdf .tex