Will Johnson

I'm a recent graduate of the UC Berkeley math department. I finished my PhD in 2016, studying model theory under Tom Scanlon.



I was a teaching assistant for
Math 1A in Fall 2014
Math 1B in Fall 2014

Research interests

Thesis work

My PhD dissertation Fun with Fields, was a compilation of several projects I worked on in graduate school, mostly related to the model theory of fields.

Other projects and drafts

For my undergraduate senior thesis (at the University of Washington), I studied the combinatorial game theory of a certain class of "scoring games," specifically the ones in which the total length of the game is fixed at the outset. My very bloated senior thesis is available on the arXiv here. A more condensed version is my article The Combinatorial Game Theory of Well-tempered Scoring Games. A longer preprint arXiv version is here. I worked on this at the University of Washington Mathematics REU, where I also did work related to inverse problems in in nonlinear resistor networks.