Math 1A section 103, Spring 2014

Graduate Student Instructor: Maria Monks Gillespie

Section time: 9:30-11AM, TuTh

Office hours: Tuesdays 11-12 and Thursdays 2-3, 941 Evans Hall

Contact information: monks [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu

Instructor's course webpage: /~mhaiman/math1A-spring14/

Course textbook: Calculus 7E: Early Transcendentals, by James Stewart.

Worksheets and Quizzes:

Jan. 21: Precalc Review Worksheet

Jan. 30: Quiz 1. Solution: Quiz 1 Solution

Feb. 4: Functions Worksheet. Solutions: Functions Worksheet Solutions

Feb. 6: Quiz 2. Solution: Quiz 2 Solution

Feb. 11: Midterm 1 Review Worksheet.

Feb. 13: Quiz 3. Solution: Quiz 3 Solution

Feb. 18: Derivatives Worksheet 1.

Feb. 20: Quiz 4. Solution: Quiz 4 Solution

Feb. 25: Derivatives Worksheet 2.

Feb. 27: Quiz 5. Solution: Quiz 5 Solution

Mar. 4: Derivatives Galore!.

Mar. 6: Quiz 6. Solution: Quiz 6 Solution

Mar. 13: Midterm 2 Review.

Mar. 13: Quiz 7. Solution: Quiz 7 Solution

Mar. 18: Critical points and optimization.

Mar. 20: Quiz 8. Solution: Quiz 8 Solution

Apr. 1: Optimization word problems!

Apr. 3: Quiz 9. Solution: Quiz 9 Solution

Apr. 8: Estimations using Newton's method.

Apr. 10: Quiz 10.

Apr. 15: Integration tips and tricks.

Apr. 17: Quiz 11.

Apr. 22: Volumes.

Apr. 24: The method of u-substitution.

Apr. 24: Quiz 12. Solution: Quiz 12 Solution

Apr. 29: Estimations using Newton's method.

May 1: Quiz 13. Solution: Quiz 13 Solution

May 1: Final Exam Review. Solutions: Final Exam Review Solutions.

Course policies

Piazza website: There is a discussion forum for this section on Piazza found at https://piazza.com/berkeley/other/math1asection103/home. Please join the site using your CalNet ID, as some course announcements and handouts will be posted there.

Email policy: I will not answer emails that ask how to solve a particular homework problem. If you are seeking help with the homework, you may collaborate with your peers, post a question to the class on the Piazza site, or come to office hours. If none of these are possible, you may either see me after section or send me an email requesting special attention outside of section and office hours.

Quizzes: Starting on the second week, there will be weekly quizzes in discussion section, tentatively on the Thursday of each week.

Grading: 10% homework, 15% for each midterm, 45% final.

Other concerns: If you are in need of special assistance or have a disability which requires special care in the case of an emergency in the building, please let me know by email at the start of term.

Tips: Mathematics, even moreso than other subjects, takes time and repetition to sink in. You may not understand a concept at first, but the longer you work with it the more sense it will make, until one day, without knowing exactly when, it all becomes clear.

Spending time up front to learn the material is essential for getting the most out of this course. Start early on assignments! Come to office hours as soon as you feel you are falling behind, rather than waiting until the end of the semester to try to cram for the final exam.

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